Housing Type: Prestige Housing
Obtained: reward for those who attended Fan Faire in 2010 (an annual event once held when SOE owned the compnay)
Available Locations:
Quantity Limit: one per account
House Style/Theme: small, a dirigible
Mount Use Within: none allowed

General Prestige Home InfoEdit

Like all Prestige homes:

  • You must get a deed first and then travel to the location and "buy" it for zero coin.
  • It has no recurring upkeep ("rent") of any kind.
  • You can get a portal to place in other homes or (if you have access) your guild hall. The portal allows quick travel between each location.
  • You can travel to it quickly if you already own it; press C to open the character sheet, click the Housing tab, locate the house on the list and click the Enter button.

About This HouseEdit

Skyblade Skiff Launchpad is a dirigible, similar to the one found in The Sinking Sands that can be used to travel to Moors of Ykesha.

It has a small floor plan and a giant propeller in the middle of the floor.

Item CountEdit

Items counts have changed once and can change again at any time.


  • You can not buy this house from the Marketplace, because it was granted as a thank-you gift for attending a live event.
  • Available as a 100LPT Loyalty house item from Noble Taig Rhul in Freeport or Qyenos.
  • Even though you can not buy it outright, this house can be toured by visiting general portal locations in Freeport and Qeynos (locs given above)

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