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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Jarsath Wastes (Rise of Kunark)
Location At the eastern end of Traitor's Pass ( -794, -24, -1193 ) /waypoint -794, -24, -1193
Discovery Location (AA) yes

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  1. Lord Sheckt <Clan Skleross>
  2. Nybor Efiw <Clan Skleross Mendor>
  3. Tragen Gorschk <Clan Skleross Trader>
  4. Ryvenar Sal'Vara for the Ranger Epic Weapon Timeline


  1. a Skleross soldier (77-78)


  • There is a sokokar post here.

Related QuestsEdit

  1. A Grave Job (78)
  2. Decapitator Exterminator (78)
  3. To the Next Master (78)
  4. Ranger Epic Weapon Timeline (80)

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