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Skeletal Grasp V

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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Skeletal Grasp V
Icon green snared leg fire
Wheel Red Star
Roots the target and surrounding encounter members. Any damage received by the target has a chance at breaking the effect.

Target Encounter
Power 320
Casting 2.0 seconds
Recast 20.0 seconds
Duration 26.3 seconds
Effect Radius 10.0 meters
Range Up to 25.0 meters
Level 88



  • Roots target encounter
  • 15% chance to dispel when target takes damage
  • Does not affect Epic targets
  • Resistability increases against targets higher than level 117.
Skeletal Grasp Spell Line

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
Resistibility 12% Harder 12% Harder 12% Harder 16% Harder 21% Harder

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell.

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