Sinking Sands Timeline
Recommended Levels 45 to 52
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Sinking Sands
Preceded by: Steamfont Mountains Timeline

Everfrost Timeline

Followed by: Maj'Dul Timeline

Peacock Club Timeline
Pillars of Flame Timeline

Sinking Sands Timeline [edit]
Solo Series
Kallon Ebbtide
1.1. Kallon's Vengeance
2.1. Cooking Crocodiles
2.2. Diggers for Dinner
2.3. A Terrible Crime
2.4. Scarabs and Spiders
Aliyyah the Embalmer
3.1. Unraveling the Mummies
3.2. Grisly Gathering
3.3. More Mummies?
3.4. Osseous Investigations
3.5. Undead Investigations
3.6. Sul'Dal Studies
Xilla Beetlebinder
4.1. Beetle Herding - Act I
4.2. Beetle Herding - Act II
4.3. Beetle Herding - Act III
4.4. Beetle Herding - Act IV
4.5. Beetle Herding - Act V
4.6. Beetle Herding - Act VI
4.7. Beetle Herding - Act VII
4.8. Beetle Herding - Final Act
Repeatable Quests
5.1. Mender Mending
5.2. Noxious Roundup
5.3. Sand Thing Special
El'Khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets
6.1. Threads of the Desert
6.2. Scouring the Sands
6.3. Rocky Correspondence
6.4. The Spirit of Ab'Zheri
Fahad Nuhayd
7.1. Stopping the Flow
Ghassan the Trader Timeline

These quest lines start in The Sinking Sands. You'll find more quests at the same level range nearby in Maj'Dul; see the Maj'Dul Timeline.

(recommended levels in brackets)

Solo Quests Edit


The Sinking Sands

The recommended levels on some of the following quests were raised in GU54 along with mob levels in Sinking Sands. Most monsters were also downscaled from heroic to solo. Mob levels were re-lowered to what they were originally in GU55, but the zone remained de-heroiced

Kallon Ebbtide - on dock - a good introduction to this zone

  1. Kallon's Vengeance (45) - rewards charm

Chef Numair seriesEdit

Numair - at north croc hunter camp

  1. Cooking Crocodiles (48)
  2. Diggers for Dinner (47)
  3. A Terrible Crime (47) - rewards main hand weapon
  4. Scarabs and Spiders (48) - rewards necklace

Undead seriesEdit

Aliyyah the Embalmer - at south croc hunter camp

  1. Unraveling the Mummies (47) - rewards bracelet
  2. Grisly Gathering (47) - rewards cloak
  3. More Mummies? (50)
  4. Osseous Investigations (52)
  5. Undead Investigations (52)
  6. Sul'Dal Studies (52) - rewards ranged weapon

Carpet series Edit

This is the quest series to earn the Carpet of El'khazi; it is no longer heroic, and can be soloed by players of the appropriate level after the Sinking Sands revamp.

El'Khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets - at north croc hunter camp

  1. Threads of the Desert (50)
  2. Scouring the Sands (52)
  3. Rocky Correspondence (55)
  4. The Spirit of Ab'Zheri (57)- rewards mount

Beetle Herding seriesEdit

Xilla Beetlebinder - at top of beach path

  1. Beetle Herding - Act I (47) - rewards forearms armor
  2. Beetle Herding - Act II - rewards hands armor
  3. Beetle Herding - Act III - rewards feet armor
  4. Beetle Herding - Act IV - rewards head armor
  5. Beetle Herding - Act V - rewards shoulders armor
  6. Beetle Herding - Act VI - rewards legs armor
  7. Beetle Herding - Act VII - rewards chest armor
  8. Beetle Herding - Final Act - rewards secondary slot item or 2H weapon

Part of the Ghassan the Trader TimelineEdit

Ghassan the Trader - at the dock

Rashad - at the start of orc highway

continues with Sergeant Tuskin in the Ortallian camp in The Pillars of Flame

Additional solo quests Edit

On Pirate's Perch island
(right-click and "rub" an ornamental metal lamp at ( -2080, -223, -160 ) /waypoint -2080, -223, -160

  1. The Gauntlet of al-Azhar (45)

Fahad Nuhayd - at north croc hunter camp

  1. Stopping the Flow (47)
- becomes available after you have earned at least 10,000 faction with a Court (see below)

Repeatable quests Edit

Vera D'Sas

  1. Mender Mending (52)

Assad M'Lyshad

  1. Noxious Roundup (54)

Rassad Ali

  1. Sand Thing Special (52)

Court Quests Edit

See Court of the Blades Timeline, Court of the Coin Timeline, Court of Truth Timeline.

There are three major factions in Maj'Dul called Courts: The Court of Truth, the Coin and the Blades. Each Court has a headquarters in the city of Maj'Dul, and a representative on the beach in The Sinking Sands.

Raising Court Faction Edit

To gain entry to the Court headquarters in Maj'Dul, you need 20,000 faction standing with that Court. You can earn faction points by doing the repeatable quests from the docks area. Once you reach 20,000 faction, you will not receive any more quests in the Sinking Sands, and will be directed to a new representative in Maj'Dul for further faction quests. Alternatively, to gain faction directly, you can kill rival faction members in Maj'Dul, and turn in their Insignia Coins to the appropriate Court Counsel in the Tower of the Moon.

Good standing with one of the Court factions brings the following benefits:

  • Gives you access to a banker, mender, broker, merchant, and quests within the Court headquarters in Maj'Dul.
  • Allows you to purchase a license to rent housing in Maj'Dul, and to be given the residence quest (which gives you the Call of Ro ability which is in addition to your call home).
  • With better faction standing, you can earn a special Title from the Court, and will be given a Court quest timeline, completion of which is necessary for the signature heroic quest The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny.

Note: You can do all three sets of Court quests in Sinking Sands if you just want to earn experience. However, this is counterproductive in terms of earning faction - you will end up with all three factions hostile to you. If Maj'Dul faction and/or residence is your goal, then choose one of the three Court NPCs, and do faction quests for that Court only.