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Race Fae only Icon Silvani Form
Level n/a Quested
Category (Target) Fun Spell (Self)
 Casting Time  5.0 seconds
 Recast time  2.0 seconds
 Duration  Until Cancelled
This ability is the reward presented to all Fae at upon completing the quest Healing Properties.

What does this information mean?

Silvani Form Screenshot

Verai (Cuksis) as a Silvani!

Effect Edit

  • Shapechanges caster.
  • Increases speed of caster by 5%
  • Reduces maximum falling speed of caster
  • Stifles caster
  • Dazes Caster
  • Dispelled when target casts a spell
  • Dispelled when target recieves damage
  • Dispelled when target receives hostile action
  • This effect cancels during combat

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