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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Shield of Blackwood VI
Icon blue red monster
Wheel Gold Hammer
Reduces the threat of nearby enemies towards the channeler. The enemies are interrupted while the channeler gains increased dodge chance and becomes immune to indirect area of effect abilities for a short duration.

Target Self
Power 174
Casting 0.5 seconds
Recast 5 minutes
Effect Radius 10.0 meters
Max AOE Targets 8
Level 63



  • Decreases threat priority of targets in Area of Effect by 1 position
  • Decreases Threat to targets in Area of Effect by (X)
  • Interrupts targets in Area of Effect
  • Applies Blackwood Shroud. Lasts for 3.0 seconds.
    • Prevents AOE (except when direct)
    • Caster will Dodge 100.0% of incoming attacks
Shield of Blackwood Spell Line

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
Threat Decrease (X):  ? 10089  ?  ?  ?

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell.

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