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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Cleric AAs » Cleric's Agility line
Shield Ally Rank (*/10)
Agility 1 point
Requires Battle Fervor (Rank 4)
Grants the Protector a chance to shield an ally from melee attacks, by allowing the target a chance to use the Protector’s avoidance check after their own avoidance check.
Target Group Friend
Casting 1.0 seconds
Recast 2.0 seconds
Duration Until Canceled
Range Up to 20.0 meters
  • Grants target an x% chance of making an additional attempt to avoid being hit by a melee attack using the caster’s avoidance.


Alternate Advancement Ability Effects by Ability Rank
Effect Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8 Rank 9 Rank 10
x% chance to use Protector's avoidance 6% 12% 18% 24% 30% 36% 42% 48% 54% 60%

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