Sheldon Lamport

Sheldon Lamport

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Jeweler
Race Human
Zone Qeynos Province District (Shattered Lands)
Location Inside the Hall of Steel ( 683, -21, 19 ) /waypoint 683, -21, 19

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Level 1 - [information needed]Edit

lead band1s 44c
lead bangle1s 44c
lead girdle1s 44c
lead hoop1s 44c
lead torque1s 44c
malachite bracelet1s 44c
malachite earring1s 44c
malachite necklace1s 44c
malachite ring1s 44c
rawhide belt1s 44c
threadbare sash1s 44c
threadbare scarf1s 44c

Level [information needed] - [information needed]Edit

burlap sash5s 76c
burlap scarf5s 76c
electrum band5s 76c
electrum bangle5s 76c
electrum hoop5s 76c
electrum torque5s 76c
iron girdle5s 76c
tanned leather belt5s 76c
turquoise bracelet5s 76c
turquoise earring5s 76c
turquoise necklace5s 76c
turquoise ring5s 76c

Level [information needed] - [information needed]Edit

agate bracelet23s 4c
agate earring23s 4c
agate necklace23s 4c
agate ring23s 4c
boiled leather belt23s 4c
canvas sash23s 4c
canvas scarf23s 4c
carbonite girdle23s 4c
gold band23s 4c
gold bangle23s 4c
gold hoop23s 4c
gold torque23s 4c
iron girdle23s 4c

Level [information needed] - [information needed]Edit

adamantine girdle8g 29s 44c
azurite band
azurite bangle
azurite hoop
azurite torque


Available items are filtered based on your adventuring level.

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