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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced LU04
Level Range 16-20
Adjacent Zones Antonica
Instance Solo
Timelines Shattered Vale Timeline
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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The zone is in the canyon north of Stormhold. Medium sized zone with a big ring event at the druid ring. Monsters respawn in this zone. There is no failure lockout timer. Successful lockout time is 4 hours. If you enter the vale using a glitch, you will see a campsite instead of a druid ring, and no mobs. This could be either an easter egg or a glitch. The public vale hasn't been patched.

Access Edit

Location: ( -2338, 7, -67 ) /waypoint -2338, 7, -67 There are several ways to gain access to this zone, though not all for the same instance:

  • Kill the wolves surrounding a messenger's body on the road near Stormhold and then inspect body to get access the Invasion of the Vale instance for the quest by the same name.
  • Get regular vale access from Hartok as part of the Antonica Timeline.
  • Possess a guild writ that requires you enter the vale.
  • Run up the mountains near the vale entrance/exit and jump over it. This will take you to an area similar to the vale but it has a campsite instead of a druid ring. It is unknown what this is for. This hasn't been patched.

Quests Edit

Although not originating in the Vale, these quests involve the Vale almost exclusively:

This quest have parts of it in an instance of the Vale called The Hidden Vale

Monsters Edit

See Also Edit

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