Shattered Seas Timeline
Recommended Levels 95 to 100
Introduced: Altar of Malice
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Vesspyr Isles Timeline
Followed by: Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline


About the questlineEdit

The main quests of the questline start with "Shattered Seas: ", during those signature quests you'll often have to complete some solo quests.
There are also some other solo quests avalible that don't count for the "Shattered Seas: " signature, but they give gear/jewelry and may unlock items at the armor trading merchant in Phantom Sea.


Tranquil SeaEdit

The Isle of RefugeEdit

  • Note* You must complete the 'Other Quests' in order to continue the timeline in each chain.

Signature SeriesEdit

  1. Shattered Seas: Refuge Return
    1. Crumbling Isle
    2. Running for Safety
      1. Stragglers
      2. Building a New Future
      3. A Place to Hang Your Hat
      1. Up Against the Wall
      2. Research and Recover
      3. Falling Out
    3. Pushing Ahead

Other QuestsEdit

Death Weave IsleEdit

Signature SeriesEdit

  1. Shattered Seas: Chasing Greymast
    1. Escorting Kitkalla
    2. Redeeming Qualities
    3. Ritualistic Tendencies
    4. Redemption's Folly
      1. The Four-Armed Man
    5. Confronting the Lost
    6. Hand to Mouth
    7. Testing the Meat
    8. A Dragonfly, A Spider
    9. Karrabukk's Word
  2. Shattered Seas: Pirates' Plot

Other questsEdit

  • Quests from Urra (opens after escorting Kitkalla to colony) at ( 909, 41, -962 ) /waypoint 909, 41, -962
  1. The Lost Son
  2. Sonset
  1. A Spider's Day is Never Done (optional)

South DshinnEdit

  1. Shattered Seas: Enter the Savage Lands
    1. from to pygmy Guldri nearby
      1. A Deinodon is Angry
      2. A Deino Saved is a Deino Earned
    2. Quests from Finze
      1. Now That's The Spirit!
      2. A Tale of Two Trails
    3. Quests from Zedj ( -672, 16, 361 ) /waypoint -672, 16, 361 open after completing Guldri's A Deinodon is Angry
      1. The Allu'Thoa Menace
      2. Preparation for the Pygmy Wars
      3. Starque Raving Mad
    4. Quests from Lagni ( -699, 7, 290 ) /waypoint -699, 7, 290 open after completing Guldri's A Deinodon is Angry
      1. A Toast, To the Far Seas!
      2. Hiding From Deinodons
      3. Handle With Care
    5. Quests from Nuwat Pickletrade ( -1025, 98, -171 ) /waypoint -1025, 98, -171
      1. Discarded Deinos
      2. Raw Materials
  2. Shattered Seas: Journey to Zavith'loa
    1. Quests from Gowlin, after done with Nuwat on dock -565, 7, -582 (optional)
      1. But Can They Open Doors?
      2. The Allu'thoa Front (rewards chest armor)
    2. Quests from Kowli at ( -931, 6, -316 ) /waypoint -931, 6, -316 (optional)
      1. On The Cliffs of Merinep
      2. Return of the Grimling (rewards shield or secondary)

Phantom SeaEdit

North DshinnEdit

Signature SeriesEdit

  1. Shattered Seas: Dark Threats on Dshinn
    1. Quests from Guld
      1. Taking the Thunder Pass
    2. Quests from Corrith Midner
      1. Field Bandage
      2. Crew Cuts and Bruises
      3. To Cast a Trap
      4. Allu'thoa Abduction
      5. Ceremonial Vestments and Condiments
    3. Quests from Zaveta Stickyfingers
      1. Zaveta's Blade Runner
      2. Caustic Collection
      3. Redoubt About It
      4. Zaveta's Treasure Hunt

Other QuestsEdit

Kithicor Island - Kithicor ForestEdit

Signature SeriesEdit

  1. Shattered Seas: Dark Forest of Legend quests
    1. Coggin Body Shots - received as a step of the Signature Quest
    2. Gangrenous Treatment
    3. Plagued with Questions
    4. Down to the Bone
    5. Body of Work
    6. Touch of the Undead
  2. Shattered Seas: Seeds of Malice

Other QuestsEdit

(all optional in this section)

Kithicor Island - Highpass HoldEdit

Signature SeriesEdit

  1. Shattered Seas: Highpass to Nowhere
  2. Shattered Seas: Revelations in Highhold
  3. Shattered Seas: Woken Scales

Other QuestsEdit

Grim ShalesEdit

Signature SeriesEdit

  1. Shattered Seas: The Grey of Grim Shales
    1. Diving for Defenses
    2. Solo quest lines
      1. Arming Greymast
      2. Deep in the Lost Shadows
      1. From the Ruins
      2. Grim Reaping
  2. Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom

Other QuestsEdit


Rum Cellar CampaignEdit

  1. Averting the Rumpocalypse - access to solo zone
    1. Exchange of Favors
    2. Drink is the Key
    3. Drowning in Drink
  2. Aerial Burial

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