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Shard of Fear

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU39 SoF
Level Range must be at least level 70 to enter
Zone in from The Feerrott
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 18 hours - 1 day 11 hours
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What does this information mean?

To complete this instance and spawn the boss at the end you must do all the ring events. In total you will have 3 towers and 2 sacrificial wells to clear for the hearts and minds it requires to spawn Terror. Place these items in 6 offering bowls at the front of the pyramid to spawn the boss.

Make sure to clear the mobs around all 3 of the towers to spawn the boss for each Each drops a skull with a sword that should be looted by all group members. For a complete walkthrough of the ring events, see the main questline.

This new Dungeon zone was announced at FanFaire 2007.


Main questlineEdit

  1. Gimblelock's Short Adventure (70) - examine Ernie Gimblelock's adventuring journal ( 60, 4, 442 ) /waypoint 60, 4, 442
  2. Through Gnomish Eyes (73) - examine Ernie's Incorporeal-Visual Activators ( 257, 13, 355 ) /waypoint 257, 13, 355
  3. With a Heart of Fear (75) - examine a torn page ( 208, 60, 23 ) /waypoint 208, 60, 23

Item questsEdit

Several epic weapon quests have updates here, including guardian, monk, mystic, paladin, and shadowknight.