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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Druid AAs
Shapeshift Rank (*/10)
Starter 1 point
Requires Adventure Level 10
Grants the Druid the ability to shapechange into one of three animal forms they can select from in their abilities. This ability grants 4 stamina and wisdom passively per rank.
Passive Spell

see below

Animal FormsEdit

Shapeshift: Tiger
Shapeshift Tiger

Shapeshift: Tiger

Shapeshifts the Druid into a Tiger, granting a chance to trigger an additional bite attack with every melee hit.

  • On a successful melee attack this spell has a 10% chance to cast Tiger Bite on target of attack.
    • Inflicts x-y slashing damage on target

Shapeshift: Treant
Shapeshift Treant

Shapeshift: Treant

Shapeshifts the Druid into a Treant, granting an increased amount to all heals.

  • Increases base healing by z%.

Shapeshift: Winter Wolf
Shapeshift Winter Wolf

Shapeshift: Winter Wolf

Shapeshifts the Druid into a Winter Wolf, granting an increased chance at critical hits.

  • Increases Crit Chance of caster by w

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