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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 96 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Eidolon Jungle more
How to Start Speak to Drinal's Steward near the second Tourbillion in Fearcreep near ( -2400, 201, 734 ) /waypoint -2400, 201, 734
part of: The Eidolon Jungle Timeline
Preceded by:
Shades of Drinal: Skies of Red
Followed by:
Shades of Drinal: Cardin Protection

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  1. Speak to the Duality in Feerrott. (near wizard spire)
  2. Speak to Rikantus, who is now also in The Feerrott near the Duality.
  3. Speak to Duality again.
  4. Speak to Lady Nevedaria at ( -116, -270, 2964 ) /waypoint -116, -270, 2964 outside of Sleeper's Tomb in Eastern Wastes.
  5. Enter Sleeper's Tomb: The Forgotten Catacombs (Advanced Solo) by clicking on the door at ( 54, -337, 2913 ) /waypoint 54, -337, 2913.
  6. Find the missing pieces:
    • First half of the Wurmbone Key: ( -321, -145, -320 ) /waypoint -321, -145, -320 in the back of Pyre's room. (Unsure of strategy other than hit hard and fast. Pyre spawns adds every 25%, which must be dealt with - blue and green AEs are suggested.)
      • During the fight you will receive multiple texts about Pyre. When this occurs a mob will spawn from a column.
      • Kill the mob that spawns from one of the columns in the room ASAP or he will soon unleash some major damage upon you.
      • Once all four events occur he will be fully weakened and will die
    • Second half of the Wurmbone Key: ( -321, -145, 139 ) /waypoint -321, -145, 139 in the back of Frost's room. (Get him to damage a pillar and then keep hitting that one until it falls, he is nearly invincible until then.)Clear his room of constructs before engaging him.
      • Hotkey the Globule of Mass Deceleration.
      • When Frost casts Pile Driver the first time, use a globule against him. This makes a pillar attackable. Focus on defeating the pillar.
      • Beat on Frost again until you can interrupt Pile Driver again. This makes a second pillar attackable; defeat it.
      • Now you should be able to defeat Frost.
    • Map
      • Return to the Commander room and go take the now-open hallway to the east.
        • Walking through skulls in the middle of the hallway will briefly turn you into an imp and make an extra caretaker spawn.
        • The next named you encounter is the Eternal Sentinel (102^).
        • Keep him near the gargoyles that are walking around.
        • Whenever he charges make sure he runs into a gargoyle.
        • After he hits it 2-3 times it should break and he'll no longer be able to siphon health from it.
      • Continue having the Eternal Sentinel charge into the other gargoyles until two are destroyed.
      • Statue and the map
        • Continue east. The three injured Draconians will give you hints.
        • "We were unable to contain the power of the pillars; they cannot be active for long!"
        • "Should have known... red... counters blue."
        • "... pedestal... must get the statue on... pedestal."
        • Map: ( -580, -118, -89 ) /waypoint -580, -118, -89 at the Forgotten Statue's feet. (If you avoid stepping in the circle, he won't attack you.)
        • Before fully clearing the room, play with the pillars to get accustomed to how they function. In a nutshell, the first click makes the red beam appear, the second click makes the blue beam appear, and the third click resets the pillars.
        • Near the center of the room are four pillars--two red, two blue.
        • Get the statue to the center pedestal when you need to counter him.
        • Whenever the statue has a red aura up, counter it with a blue pillar.
        • Whenever the statue has a blue aura up, counter it with a red pillar.
        • When dragging him into the aura, make sure he remains there until the message states that his cerulean aura dissipates.
  7. Return to the Duality in Feerrott.
  8. Use the travel globes from any zone to Jarsath Wastes (Danak Shipyard). (Once you're there, find Erus Dal'viv ( -757, -50, 1900 ) /waypoint -757, -50, 1900 on a ship off shore. You can fly or swim to the ship or talk to Brind (Deepwater Circle Teleporter) ( -312, -46, 1401 ) /waypoint -312.14, -46.30, 1400.83 to be teleported to the ship.)
  9. Head east to ( -1125, 124, 2004 ) /waypoint -1125, 124, 2004 (You can talk to Clessi Hergravis to have her teleport you to the Wurmbone Cleft). Enter the cave and take the right fork then zone into Wurmbone Crag (Advanced Solo). (You have to kill all the named in here, no skipping.)
  10. Speak to Erus in Jarsath. He is on a large purple masted galleon in the bay near the Wurmbone instances.
  11. Zone into Wurmbone's End (Advanced Solo) via the left fork of the tunnel in Jarsath. ( -1199, 125, 2021 ) /waypoint -1199, 125, 2021 (as of 1/31/2013 you must kill at least the third and fourth names to spawn Prime Magnate Mrelg)
    • First Piece: Click on the Ancient Stone Icon at ( -315, -9, -334 ) /waypoint -315, -9, -334 (It is near the Shissar statues; out of aggro range of the named.)
    • Second Piece: Kill Prime Magnate Mrelg around ( 647, -159, -499 ) /waypoint 647, -159, -499.
  12. Speak to Erus in Jarsath.
  13. Talk to Clessi Hergravis on the ship, or to Brind on the shipyard dock for a teleport to the entrance into Chelsith: The Ancient Vault (Advanced Solo). Quest updates at ( -823, -56, 1215 ) /waypoint -823, -56, 1215 and zone entrance is at ( -810, -53, 1212 ) /waypoint -810, -53, 1212.
    • Monolith: Kill Murmaz the Believer at ( 483, -17, -460 ) /waypoint 483, -17, -460. (You can't skip all the other named easily. Each one requires a trigger item from another named in the zone.)
    • Item of Interest: Step onto the blue sparkles in front of the door at ( 746, -136, -523 ) /waypoint 746, -136, -523in the Resonance Chamber.
  14. Return to Erus Dal'viv in Jarsath Wastes.
  15. Head to Greater Faydark and speak to the Duality at ( 670, 52, 121 ) /waypoint 670, 52, 121
  16. Take the portal near the Duality to Obol Plains.
  17. Speak to Drinal's Steward at ( -722, -4, 21 ) /waypoint -722, -4, 21.


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