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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Pillars of Flame  (AA)
Journal Level 56 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Pillars of Flame more
How to Start Talk to Shu Fang Qi
part of: Ashen Order Timeline
Preceded by:
Fallen From Beauty (Ashen Order)
Followed by:
Trials of Ash
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Steps Edit

Notes: If you get a bad combination of things to kill, delete quest and get another. This quest is repeatable.

  • Kill five of one of the following (random):
  • Kill five of one of the following (random):
  • Kill five of one of the following (random):
    • flame twisters
    • large blanketfish (be sure to kill wandering fish including the regular blanketfish to get spawns. Rare only if people fail to do this. Same goes with any other spawns like sorcerer below. Take carpet ride to Stinging Isle, climb down to Naga Island, go down ramp, about half wayto next ramp is a teeming area of fish. Careful with aoe bc there are mobs of heroic marlins.)
    • golden sunfeather falcons (near Prophet's Peak) ( 627, -50, -936 ) /waypoint 627, -50, -936
    • sand pikes Take carpet to giant's field, recreationally kill some lesser djinn on djinn's pillar if you want, jump in water, tab around until you find sand pikes, then head to the ramp south of Jin Li, avoiding pirhana mobs (keep tabbing as you go).
    • sandstalker sabertooths
  • Kill five of one of the following (random):
    • Sandscrawler miners
    • Sandscrawler sorcerers (very rare, so best to avoid these)I found these at the barriers east of Prophets peak in the valley, clear all the Sandcrawlers there they repop. They are also found in the valley between the miners with mobs of raiders, shamans and defenders. The sorcerers are usu near the tents.
  • Return to Shu Fang Qi

Rewards Edit


  • This Quest Will Only Be Offered to Good or Neutral Aligned Characters.
  • You must reach Kindly faction before going ahead with the next quest in the series, Trials of Ash. You can increase your faction killing Ashen Disciples in the zone, or travel to the The Sprawl and kill Giantslayers for easy faction.
  • Killing Shaman's wil cycle and respawn Sorcerer. You may have to do this several times to cycle through character types.