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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Sinking Sands  (AA)
Journal Level 52 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Sinking Sands more
How to Start Speak to Majah L'Asi located at Camp D'Sas ( -8, -94, -920 ) /waypoint -8.22, -93.63, -919.55 Eq2map (Repeatable)
part of: Court of the Coin Timeline
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What does this information mean?


You must have at least 10,000 faction with The Court of the Blades, The Court of the Coin or The Court of Truth, but not more than 40,000 faction, before you can begin this quest. Completing this quest will raise your faction with The Court of the Coin and lower the other two factions.


  1. Acquire 5 weapons from Anaz Mal Fighters, i.e. An Anaz Mal mauler, An Anaz Mal scrapper
  2. Acquire 5 rings from An Alliz Raef Ew lookout
  3. Acquire 5 sashes from A dervish cutthroat (Sinking Sands)
  4. Return to Majah L'Asi