Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies: Book One
Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies- Book One
Author: Seeress Ealaynya Ithis
Acquire: Epic Repercussions
Pages: 8
LootDB Link: LootDB

Page 1

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies

Book One

Page 2

That which is to come and that which must be stopped!

Page 3

I, Ealaynya Ithis, Seeress, Shepherd and prophet to the most selfless of the supreme deities, Rodcet Nife, have experienced the following visions. I share them with you now so that they may help light your way through dark times.

Page 4

  • Nothing has found that which was lost. The banished slayer returns!
  • A paw most trusted becomes the claw of attack.

Page 5

  • Death falls upon the city of free men in the Shattered Lands.
  • The five seen and five unseen rally when the hands are taken.
  • The sister's daughter grips destiny. The dead foe is to be freed!

Page 6

  • The expanse pulled by nothing and rooted in stone must be traversed.
  • Destruction welcomes those that journey to the city of pain.
  • Deceptions envelop the well meaning as the hands of the sentinel are sought by the woken one.

Page 7

  • Mortal and god, they will all be his pawn!
  • The contested lady is called forth by the shame of the Deepwater Knights.
  • If the magics of mythical prestige are ripped from their shells the end of times will be ushered in!

Page 8

~Seeress Ealaynya Ithis

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