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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Sinking Sands  (AA)
Journal Level 48 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Sinking Sands more
How to Start Speak with Taj As'ad at the camp in the Port of Tears ( -1449, -224, -427 ) /waypoint -1449, -224, -427 after you have 10,000 or more faction with the Court of Truth
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Truth: Preceptors' Requests

Samiel Investigations
Truth: In Service to the Court

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Shiny Debris Sinking Sands

Shiny Debris harvest points in The Sinking Sands.

  1. Collect ancient baubles which are harvested from shiny debris (ground spawn) around various ruins in the Stilled Seas area of the The Sinking Sands for 5 uncommon updates.
    • Shiny debris has been reported around Loc ( -980, -98, -890 ) /waypoint -980, -98, -890.
    • When collecting shiny debris, if you don't collect an ancient bauble which is an automatic quest update, the non-stackable item worthless junk will be placed into your inventory.
  2. Kill undead in the Stilled Seas area of the Sinking Sands for 5 uncommon updates.
  3. Climb down into the Eye of Anuk ( -649, -141, -1189 ) /waypoint -649, -141, -1189 in the Sinking Sands and search for 2 runes to be transcribed.
    • The items are not in the cave at the bottom of the descent, but the one slightly to the east of it in The Bay of Anuk.
    • Inspect *an ancient inscribed pillar" ( -973, -233, -1203 ) /waypoint -973, -233, -1203 and "an ancient tablet" ( -923, -223, -1216 ) /waypoint -923, -223, -1216.
  4. Return to Taj As'ad.