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A Light in the Forest


Scrying is the act of using a stone on crystal to see into the past or future. In EQ2, scrying involves using a stone at a special location to reveal what might hidden there. Specifically, scrying involves finding a ring of rainbow lights (similar to the picture shown here), examing a scrying stone while standing very near those lights, and waiting for your result.

Scrying, the stones and all, have been in the game since very close to the beginning of the game. The lore article here The Scrying Stones and the SoE article date back to January of 2005, only few months after launch.

Although there are stories of the scrying stones costing a lot more early in the game, these reports are unsubstantiated rumor. We suspect people are confusing the price of stones with the price of an entire stack of stones and the relative investment return rate on scrying during a time when stacks were small, gold was scarce, and people were very new to the game.

The StonesEdit

Icon ball blue 01 (Common)

To use the scrying rainbow lights, you need scrying stones. These are sold for 10s each by two merchants, one each on the docks of The Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest. Choose the correct merchant for your alignment (good or evil):

Remember, good-aligned players can only purchase from Thundering Steppes and evil-aligned players from Nektulos Forest. If you're going use these stones a lot, remember where your merchant is, as you will be returning often.

The RainbowEdit

A Light in the Forest

This is what you're looking for.

Scrying occurs near randomly spawning rainbows. These rainbow lights "escaping" from the ground will vary somewhat based on your graphic settings. Anything from a single "edge" of light to a pretty-looking multi-ring or line effect.

Much like harvesting nodes, rainbows tend to appear in the same areas but not the same location (most of the time). See the talk page of this article for known areas in which they appear frequently. Rainbows appear most often in tier 2, 3, and 4 zones. At present, no known rainbow sightings have occurred in tier 6 or 7 zones. Also, like harvesting nodes, if left alone, the rainbows will sit around for [some time] then vanish and appear in a new area.

Scrying rainbows have an internal timer on them; once you start using one, the clock starts. When the time is up, it's 'used', but it may not vanish. You can seven or eight times on a ring before it disappears. This is not a per person timer; once anyone starts scrying at a rainbow, the clock starts ticking but multiple people can use one ring at a time.

Note: As long as a rainbow doesn't vanish, you can use it again. Just move away from the rainbow about 5-10 meters (mind your aggro) and move back. Think of the distance you can walk away from a merchant before your purchase window closes. The same distance is true of scrying rainbows. By doing this, you can get up to 3 sets of scrying runs at 1 rainbow! Note: If you remain on the same spot, even after the rainbow disappears, you may sometimes continue for several more rounds!

Confirmed locations for rainbowsEdit


  • Coldwind Point near the lighthouse, up from the docks ( 333, -16, 746 ) /waypoint 333, -16, 746)
    • Sometimes one also appears right next to the bridge ( 349, -18, 734 ) /waypoint 349, -18, 734
  • Qeynos Hills near the trail leading to the Claymore Monument ( -417, -3, 594 ) /waypoint -417, -3, 594
  • Above Windstalker Village, close to Holly Windstalker's grave ( -1854, -7, -648 ) /waypoint -1854, -7, -648
  • On the plateau near Fangbreaker Keep ( -2071, 13, -457 ) /waypoint -2071, 13, -457
  • At ( -1502, 0, 848 ) /waypoint -1502.42, 0.03, 847.69
  • On the Coldwind Coastline, at ( -702, -38, 835 ) /waypoint -701.57, -37.99, 835.47
  • At ( 346, -17, 767 ) /waypoint 345.85, -16.70, 766.51
  • At ( 329, -17, 746 ) /waypoint 329.34, -16.74, 746.33
  • At ( -1478, -1, 841 ) /waypoint -1477.91, -0.94, 841.46at Blackburrow entrance.

The Thundering Steppes

  • Near the Village of Thundermist ( 587, 2, -177 ) /waypoint 587, 2, -177
  • In the Village of Thundermist ( 568, -1, -96 ) /waypoint 568, -1, -96
  • Within Thundermist Village, practically on Brianna's doorstep ( 585, 2, -114 ) /waypoint 585, 2, -114
  • In the gnoll pit near Qeynos Tower 1: ( 117, -27, -668 ) /waypoint 117, -27, -668
  • Near Qeynos Tower 3: ( -175, 14, 110 ) /waypoint -175, 14, 110
  • In The Grave Pool: ( 45, -24, 832 ) /waypoint 45, -24, 832 or ( 128, -22, 755 ) /waypoint 128, -22, 755
  • Near Coldwind Shores Cemetery: ( 1375, -1, -82 ) /waypoint 1375, -1, -82

Nektulos Forest

  • At Behemoth Pond, between aggressive murkblooms ( -230, 3, -244 ) /waypoint -230, 3, -244
  • Directly south of the Funeral Pyre: ( -972, 12, -717 ) /waypoint -972, 12, -717
  • On the eastern shore of Bone Lake: ( -966, 142, -1964 ) /waypoint -966, 142, -1964
  • At ( 508, 27, -1499 ) /waypoint 507.76, 26.58, -1499.27
  • At (-159.64, 2.97, -196.62) 

Enchanted Lands

  • Western tip of Fae Island ( -520, 0, 58 ) /waypoint -520, 0, 58
  • Near the northern base of the Lookout Stump ( 328, 7, -430 ) /waypoint 328, 7, -430 which is safe to reach at any level
  • In The Runnyeye Ward, at the base of the hill with the statue ( 190, 0, -480 ) /waypoint 190, 0, -480
  • Several locations around Granary Hill ( 210, 2, -300 ) /waypoint 210, 2, -300

Zek, the Orcish Wastes

  • Next to the Vallon Lumber Mill ( 555, -20, -257 ) /waypoint 555, -20, -257, a spot that is not too dangerous to reach even at low levels
  • Right in front of the Green Hood base next to Three Toe's Watering Hole: ( 349, -19, -460 ) /waypoint 349, -19, -460
  • By the barn west of Pinewhisper Lookout: ( 215, -40, 209 ) /waypoint 215, -40, 209
  • Next to the Grove of Stones: ( 215, 11, 79 ) /waypoint 215, 11, 79
  • Down in the [[Deathfist Quarry], just behind the elevator: ( 317, -114, -111 ) /waypoint 317, -114, -111
  • Next to the Wizard Spire ( -37, 0, 338 ) /waypoint -37, 0, 338

The EventEdit

Scry rune example

An example of a single pulse from a scrying result.

You have your stones and you've found a ring. Now what? Just examine a stone to start (we recommend dragging the stone onto an empty hotbar key to make it simpler). Once you examine the scrying stones, you begin what many people refer to as the "slot machine" effect. Three messages about runes of a particular brightness and color will flash across your screen in your notification window.

There are 3 runes:

  • Tree
  • Sword
  • Coin

Each rune will "pulse" a "brightness" and a "color." There are four brightnesses:

  • Dim
  • Soft
  • Bright
  • Brilliant

and four colors:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

That is 48 combinations (3 x 4 x 4).

The ResultsEdit

There are 3 different possible outcomes from a scrying attempt:

  • Nothing may happen and you'll have to wait a few seconds for the event to finish before you can try again.
  • The message You disturbed something will appear. A monster called a 'disturbed corpse' will pop and aggro on you or a group member (even if the monster is gray to you). These monsters are usually between levels 15 and 25 and anywhere from vvv to ^^^ in difficulty.
  • You find an item of some sort.
Scry choice example

Shiny thing or rocks? hmm

OMG, Shiny Things! (The Rewards)Edit

Assuming you do not disturb a corpse or simply find nothing, everything you find during a scrying attempts will have an alternate reward of more scrying stones. The number of stones you receive is determined by the relative worth of the item. In all cases, 1 stone = 10silver, so an item that has 3 stones as an alternate is worth 30silver or 3 stones.

Scry coin purse

A coin purse event text

Scry coin purse2

The reward from a 'tiny' purse, 2 stones

Coin PursesEdit

Coin purses comes in various sizes and contain ancient silver coins or ancient gold coins. The larger the coin purse, the more coins you get, though you will always have the option of obtaining more scrying stones of an equivalent amount to the monetary reward. Keep in mind the following values:

(This is not the same as the looted treasure item called an ancient silver coin.)

(Ancient gold coins are VERY rare and likely the 'top' prize. They have been reported to appear from 3 brilliant white runes.)

Artifacts and EquipmentEdit

A damaged fetish

an example of artifact

You may find an artifact or a piece of equipment instead of coins. Both artifacts and equipment can be sold back to merchants for all or a portion of their actual value. But beware of which merchants you use! Some will pay more than others, depending on what you sell.

All artifacts share a common examine text that reads "This item will probably be more valuable to a collector of artifacts than it is to me!" Sell these back to scrying stone merchants for full (N stones * 10s) price. If you sell artifacts to any other merchants (in town or not) you will only get 80% of their actual worth. See Scried Items for a list of known scried artifacts.

Equipment pieces are pieces of equipment, such as armor or weapons, that could theoretically still be worn, but whose stats aren't quite up to the standard of the tier in which they're found. These equipment pieces usually have some form of the word ancient in their title, with modifiers like damaged, intact, or preserved. Equipment uses the same value system as the artifacts and books, but you can sell them at standard merchants (NOT the stone merchants) for 100% of their value. See Scried Equipment for a list of known scried equipment.

Training TomesEdit

Training tomes are mini-quest starters. Examine one of these and you are prompted to accept a quest to "kill X of a type of mob in PLACE in Y minutes." The reward for training tome quests is some xp and another quest in your journal. You can also sell these back to merchants much like artifacts. See Training Tomes for more information about these quests.

Scrying-Specific QuestsEdit

A Scrying Shame is one of the few quests using the scrying system (this is the source of the colored torches). Another quest Daria and the Dwarf, based in Nektulos, also involves scrying stones, but it doesn't seem as involved


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