Scattered Dusts (female)

A female human wearing Scattered Dusts set

Armor Set: Set of Scattered Dusts

(3) Applies Ward Concentration.

  • Increases duration of ward spells by 4 seconds.

(5) Applies Poison Lash IX.

  • Increases poison damage done by spells by up to 45.

This armor may be worn only by: All Classes that can wear Chain Armor. This set drops in The Acadechism (the zone located above Crushbone Keep).

This armor is dropped as follows:

ShouldersThe War Ancient of ZekThe Acadechism
ChestEmperor D'VinnThe Acadechism
HandsThe War Ancient of ZekThe Acadechism
LegsEmperor D'VinnThe Acadechism
FeetThe War Ancient of ZekThe Acadechism

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