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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 50 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Lavastorm more
How to Start Speak with Charly Ashlash, who roams the end of the first goblin area you enter when you go through the tunnel with the miners ( -323, -130, 355 ) /waypoint -323, -130, 355
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
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Prerequisite Edit

You must speak the Goblish language to receive this quest.

Steps Edit

  1. Before Charly Ashlash will deal with you he asks you to destroy some monsters in Lavastorm. Slay:
  2. Return to Charly and examine the Old Worn Left Boot he gives you.
  3. Find the corpse of a smelly fish to use as bait for Big Squiggly.
    • This is from Foulgill the Rotten, who spawns near the docks on roughly a 6 minute timer - spotted at ( -164, -131, 545 ) /waypoint -164, -131, 545. Also, you could kill Foulgill's placeholder, a slightly smelly fish, to progress the quest. ( -176, -138, 544 ) /waypoint -176, -138, 544 Eq2map
  4. You will then be given 2 hours to bait the trap for Big Squiggly. This trap is located past Charly and across the rock bridge. ( -566, -113, 410 ) /waypoint -566, -113, 410
    • Be sure everyone in the group right-clicks the nest on the ground to bait it.
  5. A hungry goblin will run to the trap which immediately spawns the 48 ^^^ Big Squiggly, which is incredibly underconned. After killing him you will receive the Old Worn Right Boot.
  6. To make sure the boots are truly Efreeti made, seek out Tazgar in the Temple of Solusek Ro ( -335, -48, -680 ) /waypoint -335, -48, -680. When you speak to him 4-5 mobs will spawn. Kill them and speak to him again.
  7. He sends you into Solusek's Eye to kill fire giants (which can be found on sub-level 5) until you receive a key, which is a semi-rare auto-updating drop. Just before entering Solusek's Eye, make sure you discover and use the teleporter outside to allow for quicker future visits! Note: the giants outside Solusek's Eye do not update this step even though they are named the same. Don't waste your time here!
  8. Once you have the key, use it to disable the spires in Lavastorm. The following order is recommended for minimal backtracking:
    • Spire One is in the goblin area near the first hill and is guarded by four mobs ( -634, -111, 301 ) /waypoint -634, -111, 301.
    • Spire Four is near Bunglegreeder ( -440, -99, 119 ) /waypoint -440, -99, 119.
    • Spire Five is in the middle of the lava fields area just before the summit to the temple ( -567, -28, -410 ) /waypoint -567, -28, -410.
    • Spire Two is just past the temple on the way to Sol Eye, in a pit guarded by a bunch of drakes ( 120, -5, -465 ) /waypoint 120, -5, -465.
    • Spire Three is up the final summit past the golems, right next to the gate that leads you to the fire giants guarding Sol Eye door ( -115, 19, 75 ) /waypoint -115, 19, 75.
  9. When the spires have all been disabled, you must defeat The Magolemus. It is located outside of Solusek's Eye, and only becomes attackable (for 15 minutes, after which it cannot be engaged again for two hours) after you have disabled all the spires. The Magolemus attacks with a knockback, so be sure to put your back to a wall.
  10. After killing The Magolemus, hail A Projection of Najena. The Projection of Najena will despawn very quickly. Currently, EQ2 has a graphics problem wherein if you are in a zone with large precipitating particle effects (such as snow in Everfrost or ashfall in Lavastorm) NPC dialog boxes will not render unless you are playing with super low resolution settings. You may need to set graphics options to Extreme Performance to complete this step.
  11. You must then reactivate the spires that you disabled earlier.
  12. Return to speak to Tazgar.
  13. You must then kill Efreeti Lord Djarn a 52^^^ located in the Bastion of Flames, accessed via the 5th floor of Solusek's Eye ( -147, -369, -288 ) /waypoint -147, -369, -288.
    • NOTE: Steps to kill Efreeti Lord Djarn are as follows:
      1. Single group enters the Bastion of Flames. You are in a bowl with 4 empty stands in lava outside the bowl
      2. Mentor down if needed to allow anyone to get credit that might be lower.
      3. Press button on stand in bowl
      4. Bottles appear on the 4 stands outside bowl
      5. Group stands on rim near one bottle. Note not on the stands!
      6. Open one bottle and quickly fight the mob that appears, without moving, as lava fills center bowl.
      7. Do the other 3 bottles the same way.
      8. A stand appears in center with a bottle on it.
      9. All mount stand
      10. Open bottle
      11. Kill boss that appears as center fills with lava. Do not move while fighting.
      12. Stay on stand and press button to raise it up to exit.
  14. After killing Efreeti Lord Djarn, return to Tazgar for your reward.

Reward Edit

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