Disclaimer: this information is not from SoE but was created By myself and Mondegreen of the Lucan delere server for RP purposes. If this is not something wikia wishes to keep feel free to erase the page also if any lof this information was discredited by SoE Please correct it.)

The sarnak of Gorowyn were bred as a militant race. This is relected in part of their culture. The memebers of the fighters "caste" in gorowyn are valued for strength and ferocity in battle, (much like the Spartans were). This said The greater the warrior the high their rank within the Gorowyn Standard (Guard). Some sarnak are more magically inclined or just generaly better as academics, these sarnaks fall under the "caster caste". ( Parsers) and value knowledge and magical apptitudes above brute force.

The fights, and casters castes also encompas those of the "scout" persuastion (fighter) and healers(casters). within the fighter caste the scouts are tactians and of course scouts.(some exceptions apply of course). The healers while still casters and parsers, handle the spiritual aspects and healing in the field.

The sarnaks are matriaral in culture, meani the females are stronger and held in more esteem than the males. Most females tend to be bigger and stronger than the males as well.

since the race as a whole tends to value strength and skill on the battle field dispite their caste, the females are reveared for this build.

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