These are heroic quests that take place within Sanctum of the Scaleborn. They are appropriate for levels 62-67.

  • There are also several heroic quests in this zone that are part of the Claymore Timeline.

Infiltration Quests

  1. Infiltrating the Sanctum: Emissary Kvikz (62)
  2. Infiltrating the Sanctum: Kvikz's Assignment (63)
  3. Infiltrating the Sanctum: The Escape (64)
  4. Infiltrating the Sanctum: Spirit Pool Recon (65)
  5. Infiltrating the Sanctum: Shadow Ordinance (67)
  6. Infiltrating the Sanctum: Epilogue (67)

Gribbly the Gallant's Quests

  1. A Boisterous Alliance (63)
  2. Taking Tactical Tomes (63)
  3. Short Froglok Arms (64)
  4. An Eggsellent Task (67)

Item-Triggered Quests

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