Sanctuary of Mourning

Sanctuary of Mourning

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Withered Lands (LU63)
Location Tucked into the western border of Mourning Lowlands ( -1911, -596, -1016 ) /waypoint -1911, -596, -1016
Discovery Location (AA) yes
Related Achievement Traverse the Corrupted Forest

What does this information mean?

The stele, giant stone totem that the Protectors of Growth raised to ward off the corruption, was recently broken. The stele lies broken and grown up in vines, and the plant life has already begun to wither against the corruption.


  • A horse at ( -1888, -594, -1082 ) /waypoint -1888, -594, -1082 connects to the zonewide transportation system, but only after it has been clicked on.

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