Sacred Grove (female)

A female human wearing Sacred Grove set

Armor Set: Sacred Grove Set

  • (3) Applies Focus: Subzero II.
    • Increases damage of Subzero by 70.
  • (5) Applies Focus: Greater Chloroplast.
  • (7) Applies Sacred Grove Essence.
    • When target casts a healing spell this spell has a 20% chance to cast Sacred Grove Essence on the group.
      • Heals group members for 178

This armor may be worn only by: Wardens.

This armor is dropped as follows:

HeadTactician's ArmorMistmoore's Inner Sanctum
The Herald of WuoshiThe Emerald Halls
ShouldersEnyntiMistmoore's Inner Sanctum
Tender of the SeedlingsThe Emerald Halls
ChestMayong MistmooreMistmoore's Inner Sanctum
ForearmsD'Lizta CheroonMistmoore's Inner Sanctum
Gardener ThirgenThe Emerald Halls
HandsTreyloth D'KulvithFreethinker Hideout
D'Lizta ViswinMistmoore's Inner Sanctum
LegsWuoshiThe Emerald Halls
FeetSariah the BloomseekerThe Emerald Halls
Malkonis D'MorteFreethinker Hideout

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