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The Sundered Frontier The Stonebrunt Highlands
Craftkeepers Kerra Isle Outfitters Hua Mein Craftsmen Researchers of Quel'ule
Monday Full Metal Artisan
Craft 5 Paineel Greatswords, Breastplates, or Greaves
Kerra Kindling
Harvest 25 sumac lumber
Hua Mein Craftsmanship - Craftsman classes only
Craft 5x craftsman items*
Sampling More Strangeness
Harvest 10 strange minerals
Tuesday Eats Shoots and Leaves
Harvest 5 plants from Toxxulia's Reach
Kerra Clothing - Outfitter classes only
Craft 5 outfitter items*
Hua Mein Heating
Harvest 25 sumac lumber
Reporting to Paineel
Deliver a report to Paineel
Wednesday Stonebrunt Express
Deliver supplies to Moonfield
Weaving a Profit (buy recipe from Purrak first!)
Craft 4 fine cloths
The Bear Necessities - Craftsman classes only
Craft 5 craftsman items*
Equipping the Front Line - Scholar classes only
Craft 5 scholar items
Thursday Paineel Replenishment
Harvest 50 non-food raws
Herbal Healing
Harvest 15 buds, bark or fungus
Netting More Fish
Harvest 25 fresh octopus and 25 seahorse roe
Rebuilding Materials
Harvest 25 non-food raws
Friday Further Essential Studies
Tag 3 ghosts
Paw Tips and Tail Feathers
Harvest 10 feathers and 10 claw sheaths
Shining Shells
Harvest 15 shells from the lake
Reinforcing the Wards
Craft 5 warding spells
Saturday Back to the Grindstone
Tag 3 boulder dashers
Defensive Dressing - Outfitter classes only
Craft 5 outfitter items*
Honoring the Ancestors
Harvest 5 sumac lumber or bamboo shoots, burn offering
Tracking the Void Influence
Tag a void creature
Sunday Bready Goodness
Craft 10 food items
A Close Eye on Quel'ule
Travel to Moonfield and speak to NPC, return to Kerra Isle
A Tasty Task
Craft 5 Baked Fish*
Supplies for the Fighters - Scholar classes only
Craft 5 scholar items

* - You might choose to bring portable crafting table to complete these quests.


Soe logo white EQ2i credits posts in this thread written by Adevia at the SOE/DBG Forums for some of the information in this article.

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