Runnyeye Timeline
Recommended Levels 32 to 42
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: Runnyeye

These are heroic quests that take place within Runnyeye. The zone contains creatures of levels 32-42, but the quests are aimed at levels 32-38.

The only Solo mobs in this zone are between the entrance and the bridge. Soloers should NOT venture beyond that point!

(recommended levels in parentheses)

Snorgle Filthwallow

  1. My Friend, Snorgle Filthwallow (35)
  2. Best Friends for Life (35) - rewards lv35 waist

Janitor Zolbuk

  1. Messy Runnyeye (35)
  2. Runnyeye Filth (35) repeat 10 times
  3. Even More Filth (36) repeat 10 times
  4. Runnyeye Filth (40) repeat 10 times
  5. Raging Mess (37)- rewards lv38 chain feet


  1. Secrets of Runnyeye (35) leads you to The Overlord's Throne Room

The Goblin Banker

  1. Runnyeye - Banker's Favor (38)

Shalwyn Sparroweye - in Enchanted Lands

  1. Runaway Goblin (39) - rewards lv39 head


The following task rewards are House Item

Item Triggered

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