This timeline gives the details of the collection quests introduced as part of the Rum Cellar campaign. These collections listed here are part of the overall list of collections available in EverQuest II, which are listed at Collection Quests Timeline.

The collections that are listed below are needed to get the Hempen Halter charm.
Hempen Halter

Hempen Halter

An overview of how the collections needed to obtain the charm are linked together can be viewed at Rum Cellar Campaign Collection Timeline/Summary.

Summary Edit

This is a summary of the main hierarchy of collection quests added as part of the Rum Cellar campaign.

(1) There are five shiny collections (numbers 1-5 below) completed from ground spawns in Advanced Solo (AS) zones. These allow the completion of the Belongings of the Vanguard meta-collection, and earn the Gunthak Flow Map for the final collection.

(2) There are fifteen more shiny collections (numbers 6-20 below) completed from chest drops from named mobs in AS and Event Heroic (EH) zones and ground spawns in heroic zones. [Note that the shinies for collection 16-20 are only found in the EH zones.] These allow the completion of the Pirate Belongings meta-collection, and earn the Straits of Twelve Map for the final collection.

(3) There is a collection item that is obtained by clicking the map behind where Charanda is standing in the zone "F.S. Distillery: Distill or Be Killed (Heroic)". This is the Sea of Crossed Swords Map for the final collection. Note that this item is NO TRADE. Only one character can get the update at any given time, but it is worth noting that the clicky resets every 90 minutes, so it is possible to get this update from a previously-cleared instance.

(4) Upon earning the three collection items noted above (Gunthak Flow Map, Straits of Twelve Map and Sea of Crossed Swords Map) and placing them in the final collection, BLUE SHINIES become visible in heroic zones. There are five blue shiny collections (numbers 21-25 below). These allow the completion of the Really Bad Eggs meta-collection, and earn the Ocean of Tears Map for the final collection.

(5) Upon earning the four collection items noted above (Gunthak Flow Map, Straits of Twelve Map, Sea of Crossed Swords Map and Ocean of Tears Map) and placing them in the final collection, GREEN SHINIES become visible in heroic zones. There is one green shiny collection (number 26 below). This earns the Sea of Sands Map for the final collection.

Note that although the shinies of each colour are not visible until those of the immediately previous colour have been completed, they can still be obtained from other players and added to the collections.

Basic Collections Edit

1. Arrows of the Sureshot

  • Obsidian Headed Arrow
  • Bodkin Arrow
  • Leaf-shaped Arrow
  • Round Headed Arrow
  • Fiery Headed Arrow

2. Brokenskull Rum Ingredients

  • Kunarkian Molasses
  • Zekian Spices
  • Antonica White Sugar
  • Ykeshan Yeast
  • Tranquil Distilled Water

3. Cannon Balls

  • Split Shot
  • Grape Shot
  • Round Shot
  • Carcass Shot
  • Shell Shot

4. Captain's Doublets

  • Silver Button Doublet
  • Gold Buttoned Doublet
  • Red Lined Doublet
  • Gold Laced Doublet
  • Leather Buckled Doublet

5. Coins of the Vanguard

  • Sigil of the Ardent
  • Sigil of the Swordsage
  • Sigil of the Sureshot
  • Sigil of the Farmage
  • Sigil of the Blademaster

6. Corsair Badges of Prowess

  • Corsair Master's Badge
  • Corsair Gunner's Badge
  • Corsair Boatswain's Bage
  • Corsair Quartermater's Badge
  • Corsair Captain's Badge

7. Corsair Badges of Service

  • Corsair Landsman's Badge
  • Corsair Carpenter's Badge
  • Corsair Mate's Badge
  • Corsair Able Seaman's Badge
  • Corsair Doctor's Badge

8. Corsair Kneckerchiefs

  • Blue Silk Kneckerchief
  • Grey Lined Kneckerchief
  • Scarlet Worn Kneckerchief
  • Greenish Frayed Kneckerchief
  • Yellow Dirty Kneckerchief

9. Corsair's Pins

  • Corsair Pin of Blood Spilling
  • Corsair Pin of Brawling
  • Corsair Pin of Trickery
  • Corsair Pin of Stealing
  • Corsair Pin of Backstabbing

10. Distilling Flasks

  • Round-Bottom Flask
  • Pear-Shaped Flask
  • Distilate Flask
  • Retort Flask
  • Still Flask

11. Idols of Charanda

  • Charanda's Idol of Blight
  • Charanda's Idol of Deception
  • Charanda's Idol of Power
  • Charanda's Idol of Poisoning
  • Charanda's Idol of Magic

12. Keys of the Swordsage

  • Barrel Room Key
  • Distilling Room Key
  • Sugar Room Key
  • Harbor Key
  • Bottle Room Key

13. Kindle and Char (Blue Shinies)

  • Scorched Flag
  • Singed Map
  • Burned Note
  • Burnt Book
  • Blackened Coin

14. Phantom Seas Parrot Feathers

  • Phantom Scarlet Macaw Feather
  • Phantom Grey Macaw Feather
  • Phantom Black Cocatoo Feather
  • Phantom Blue Macaw Feather
  • Phantom Sun Conure Feather

15. Phantom Seas Shark Teeth

  • Phantom Dusky Shark Tooth
  • Phantom Great White Shark Tooth
  • Phantom Sand Shark Tooth
  • Phantom Frilled Shark Tooth
  • Phantom Blue Shark Tooth

16. Pillage and Plunder (Blue Shinies)

  • A Bag of Coins
  • Platinum Ring
  • Silvered Bracelet
  • Silver Jug
  • Golden Hoop Earring

17. Rascals and Scoundrels (Blue Shinies)

  • Kildiun the Drunkard's Flask
  • Deckgang's Sigil
  • Cheated Drunk's Grog
  • Cheated Swabbie's Boot
  • Cheated Rigger's Gloves

18. Rifle and Loot (Blue Shinies)

  • Ruby and Gold Ring
  • Skull Etched Earring
  • Glowing Blue Stone
  • Priceless Velium Chain
  • Black Opal Pendant

19. Rum Bottles

  • Brown Rum Bottle
  • Green Rum Bottle
  • Murkey Rum Bottle
  • Blue Rum Bottle
  • Clear Rum Bottle

20. Rum Infusions

  • Coconut Infused Rum
  • Mango Infused Rum
  • Cinamon Infused Rum
  • Rosemary Infused Rum
  • Chill Infused Rum

21. Still Parts

  • Condenser
  • Lyne Arm
  • Worm Coil
  • Pot
  • Head Cap

22. The Deckgang's Deck (Green Shinies)

  • The Boatswain's Jackal
  • The Fool
  • Dirty Gertie
  • The Butcher Butcher of Brokenskull Bay
  • The Captain's Clover

23. Tranquil Seas Parrot Feathers

  • Tranquil Green Macaw Feather
  • Tranquil Red Macaw Feather
  • Tranquil Blue Throated Macaw Feather
  • Tranquil Orange Conure Feather
  • Tranquil Yellow Cacatoo Feather

24. Tranquil Seas Shark Teeth

  • Tranquil Catshark Tooth
  • Tranquil Spiny Shark Tooth
  • Tranquil Hammer Head Shark Tooth
  • Tranquil Sharpnose Shark Tooth
  • Tranquil Lemon Shark Tooth

25. Villains and Knaves (Blue Shinies)

  • Valgan's Coin
  • Charanda's Spear
  • Grogmogo's Knife
  • Yipnik's Vest
  • Sea Dog Doogan's Dungarees

26. Weapons of the Blademaster

  • Blademaster's Daggar
  • Blademaster's Blackjack
  • Blademaster's Foil
  • Blademaster's Throwing Knife
  • Blademaster's Parry Blade

Meta-Collections Edit

Belongings of the Vanguard (Items obtained by completing collections 1-5 above)

Pirate Belongings (Items obtained by completing collections 6-20 above)

Really Bad Eggs (Items obtained by completing collections 21-25 above)

Final Meta-Collection for Final Reward Edit

Rare Ocean Maps

Other Collections Edit

Airship Architect
All items in this collection are dropped by The Red Corsair in F.S. Distillery: Distill or Be Killed (Heroic)

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