The Ruins
Levels 10-15
Ruins, The
The Ruins
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Sprawl
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The Ruins Timeline

Harvesting Tier 1
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Ruins - Forgotten Shrine of Shoreside

The Forgotten Shrine of Shoreside

Ruins - Visage of the Overlord

Visage of The Overlord


Besieged by two unified orc clans, the Brokentusk and the Lonetusk, the Freeport Milita struggles to retain control of this once flourishing neighborhood. Formerly called Shoreside, an expensive and very exclusive residential district of Freeport, it was laid to ruin by a sneak attack by the aforementioned orc clans. During a particular fierce battle at the front gates of Freeport led by the far more dangerous Bloodskull Orcs, the bulk of the Freeport Militia was forced back to defend Freeport proper, leaving Shoreside open for the taking. By the time reinforcements were sent back to Shoreside, the damage had been done. Shoreside had become The Ruins. Although the orc clans were eventually defeated, for this strategic oversight the high-ranking Militia officer who had been in charge of the city's defense, War Duke Eutarius, was executed in Execution Plaza by Overlord Lucan D'Lere. In the aftermath of the incident, the Brokentusk and Lonetusk presence weakened and fell into disarray. That is - until now. (Source: Lieutenant Argosian).



There are two ways to access The Ruins. One is through The Sprawl, and this other is through any of the Freeport Travel Bells.

Good-aligned can reach The Ruins via the Mariner's Bell on the docks for The Commonlands. Be wary, however, there are heroic low-level Militia troops within the zone.

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description
The Sprawl gate ( -20, -5, 13 ) /waypoint -20, -5, 13 Eq2map
The Ruins docks ( -164, -1, 79 ) /waypoint -164, -1, 79 Eq2map


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