Skill Gathering These nodes are collected with the Gathering Skill. They produce Roots.


Min Skill: 1

Type Item
Root (Common)root
Root (Rare)yarrow

Zone Node Name
The Cavesstodgy roots
The Forest Ruinsdamp roots
Oakmyst Forestmuddy roots
The Peat Bogwilted roots
The Graveyardmoldy roots
The Ruinspale roots
The Sprawlfeeble roots
Sunken Citystale roots
Greater Faydarkgrowing roots
Darklight Wood (East)knotted roots
Timorous Deepsalty roots


Min Skill: 20

Type Item
Root (Common)tuber strand
Root (Rare)sisal root
Imbueglowing material

Zone Node Name
Antonicaplains roots
Vale of the Shatteringplains roots
The Commonlandsdesert roots
Greater Faydarklarge roots
Darklight Wood (West)twisted roots
Timorous Deeptangled roots


Min Skill: 90

Type Item
Root (Common)belladonna root
Root (Rare)dandelion fiber
Imbuesparkling material

Zone Node Name
The Thundering Steppesmesquite catch weed
Nektulos Forestrancid roots
Eternal Gorgemesquite catch weed
Butcherblock Mountainsexposed roots


Min Skill: 140

Type Item
Root (Common)tussah root
Root (Rare)oak root
Imbueglimmering material

Zone Node Name
Zek, the Orcish Wastesvestigial roots
Cove of Decayvestigial roots
Enchanted Landsvelvety roots
Bloodskull Valleydesert roots
Steamfont Mountainsnutritive roots


Min Skill: 190

Type Item
Root (Common)ashen root
Root (Rare)figwart root
Imbueluminous material

Zone Node Name
Everfrostwintry roots
Lavastormpaltry roots
Rivervaleinsidious roots
The Feerrottmusty roots
Steamfont Mountainswholesome roots


Min Skill: 240

Type Item
Root (Common)succulent root
Root (Rare)saguaro root
Imbuelambent material

Zone Node Name
The Sinking Sandssun bleached roots
The Pillars of Flameshriveled roots
The Lesser Faydarkunabating sprouts


Min Skill: 250

Type Item
Root (Common)hanging root
Root (Rare)nimbus root
Imbuescintillating material

Zone Node Name
Tenebrous Tangletrip roots
The Barren Skyarid roots
The Bonemiredusk roots
Loping Plainslanky root


Min Skill: 340

Type Item
Root (Common)lichenclover root
Root (Rare)mantrap root
ImbueSmoldering material

Zone Node Name
Kylong Plainsgerminating roots
Fens of Nathsarnathsarian roots
Kunzar Jungleaerating root cord
Jarsath Wastesprairie roots
Moors of Ykeshaswamp foot


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Root (Common)bamboo shoot
Root (Rare)toxnettle root
Imbueethereal material

Zone Node Name
The Stonebrunt Highlandsa Toxxulia root culm
The Sundered Frontiera Toxxulia root culm


Min Skill: ?
[Vesspyr Isles missing]


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Root (Common)leonid root
Root (Rare)[information needed]

Zone Node Name
Tranquil Seagnarled roots
Phantom Sea[information needed]


Min Skill: ?

Type Item
Root (Common)thalumbral root
Root (Rare)[information needed]
Imbue[information needed]

Zone Node Name
Thalumbra, the Ever Deeptwisted roots

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