The Rouges Gallery is a location in both Freeport or Qyenos in which one may hire mercenaries purchased from the Marketplace.

See the Mercenaries page for more details on all mercenaries and their hiring fees.

General InfoEdit

  • The crates that one buys to access these has a chance to randomly grant either a common, uncommon, rare, or ultra rare mercenary.
  • In order to hire them, you must have a Mercenary Coin for the the specific mercenary. They will not "talk" to you and you can not see their stats until you hire them.
  • The coins are NO-TRADE, but the crates themselves can be passed between characters on accounts before you open them.
  • If you do not want to hire the mercenaries you get from the marketplace, the coins can be sold for 1,000,000,000 - 6,000,000,000 status points.
  • An easy way to tell if the mercenaries you've looted are common, uncommon, rare or ultra rare is to visit any NPC in your home city (City Merchant) who buys and sells items in exchange for status points; the higher quality the mercenary, the more status they will offer you.

Hiring LocationsEdit

The gallery itself is set up like a small jail instance with each of the mercenaries inside.

Seasonal MercenariesEdit

During Frostfell (2015) an extra section of the Rogues Gallery can be entered to get the Gingerbread themed mercs purchased from the Marketplace. This second entrance is close to the zone-in point for the Rogues Gallery and it looks like a Magic Door to the Guild Hall.

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