Overview of the fabled Rise of Kunark Armor sets.


Warrior - Wrathbringer (Armor Set) (78)

Brawler- Juggernaut (Armor Set) (78)

Crusader - Demonguard (Armor Set) (78)


Druid - Stormcalling (Armor Set) (78)

Cleric - Transcending (Armor Set) (78)

Shaman - Mist Covered (Armor Set) (78)


Sorcerer - Focused Mind (Armor Set) (78)

Enchanter - Mindbending (Armor Set) (78)

Summoner - Leviathan Sealed (Armor Set) (78)


Bard - Taleweaver's (Armor Set) (78)

Predator - Dead-Eye (Armor Set) (78)

Rogue - Tomb Raider's (Armor Set) (78)

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