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Rivervale Timeline
Recommended Levels 35 to 45
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Rivervale
Preceded by: Enchanted Lands Timeline
Followed by: Feerrott Timeline
Everfrost Timeline

This timeline is a mixture of solo and heroic quests.

At The Fools Gold Edit

Professor Dandle Farfeather

  1. Mapping the Vale (35)

Provisioner Gundle - in The Fools Gold

  1. Lost Lager (32)
  2. Minnows in Rivervale (35)

Commissioner Dogweed - beside The Fools Gold

  1. Once upon a Plague (35)
  2. Inundated by Evil (37)
  3. Fighting the Infestation (39)
  4. Cleansing the Corrupted (43)
  5. The Root of Evil (43)

Valetail Stout

  1. Ingredients for Valetail Stout (40) - from Bartender Berrystein
  2. Finding the Valetail Stein (40) - from Fredwen Goldsyrup

Felderin Beddleknopps

  1. Finding the Faeweed (35) - repeatable

Bindo Halfbottom

  1. The Mysterious Drafling (40)

Sheriff Anrey Scarfoot - requires Stout language

  1. Rivervale Deputy Duties (40) - repeatable

Other Quests Edit

Leatherfoot Tales series
Continues from the fundraiser quest series starting with Deputy Huckfar

  1. Leatherfoot Tales: The Houndslayer, Part One, 2nd Ed. (Quest) (37)
  2. Leatherfoot Tales: The Houndslayer, Part Two, 2nd Ed. (Quest) (37)
  3. Leatherfoot Tales: The Houndslayer, Part Three, 2nd Ed. (Quest) (37)
  4. Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part One, 2nd Ed. (Quest) (37)
  5. Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part Two, 2nd Ed. (Quest) (38)
  6. Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part Three, 2nd Ed. (Quest) (38)


  1. JumJum for the Soul (41)


  1. Starshine Pendant (47)

Book Quests

Item Triggered

Legend & Lore

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