Rinis the Everslaved (Advanced Solo)

Rinis the Everslaved (Advanced Solo)

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Scourge Keep (Advanced Solo) (LU100)
Race Banshee
Level 106▲ Tier 11 Solo
Location Lich's Brew, emerging from the cauldron
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
AA Exp yes
Status Points none

What does this information mean?


Hastily written note

A hastily-writtennote has the ingredients to spawn Rinis

A blood-stained shackle

A blood-stained shackle

Maiden's scream

Maiden's Scream

Vile essence

Vile Essence

An arrow through the heart

Blood Sap comes from an arrow outside the Keep

  • Rinis is on the first floor in the alchemist chamber, Lich's Brew, SE tower ( -11, 8, 27 ) /waypoint -11, 8, 27
  • To spawn Rinis, you will need to collect several ingredients.
    • A blood-stained shackle (by the cauldron) ( -11, 8, 27 ) /waypoint -11, 8, 27.
    • Maiden's Scream (across from cauldron) ( -16, 9, 41 ) /waypoint -16, 9, 41
    • Vile Essence (SW tower, top floor) in Old Deathfist Stockpile ( 19, 17, 28 ) /waypoint 19, 17, 28
    • Blood Sap (the arrow piercing the orc on tree outside the Keep) ( 139, -12, 138 ) /waypoint 139, -12, 138
    • Deathrot Oil (-8, 1, 22)
      • Needed for the fight; she gets an invincibility that can hit through with it, however it heals her if you pop it before the invincibility pops. Make sure you save it until then.
  • If you are on the signature quest The Siege of Zek: Sacrifice (Solo), you can kill Rinis and Yallessulich in the same run, although you won't get achievement or chest for the Yallessulich on the quest kill (you can come back later and kill him for credit).