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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak with Pearl Honeywine, a social anthropologist in Qeynos Harbor for Good Characters, or with Mareva D'Iniv in North Freeport for Evil Characters.
part of: Roekillik Timeline
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The Cost of Success
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What does this information mean?

The Monsters in this quest's instances scale up to a cap at level 50.


  1. Head to Surveyor Menak in the The Commonlands ( 43, -24, -883 ) /waypoint 43, -24, -883 to get information about the Roekillik mining operations.
  2. She sends you to Miner Razcsko in the The Thundering Steppes. He is outside of the Rumbler Caves entrance ( 981, -23, 1200 ) /waypoint 981, -23, 1200.
  3. As it turns out, he is not very helpful and so the next step is to search for hints. Note that the quest description will not say which zone you should go to and incorrectly implies you need to do something else in the Steppes after talking to Razcsko. Just go to the place listed below for your level. This depends on the quester's level:
    • The Roekillik Excavation (Bloodskull Valley in The Commonlands) for characters up to level 30
    • The Mysterious Mine in Zek ( -170, -18, -196 ) /waypoint -170, -18, -196 for characters level 30-45
      • You won't be able to enter the mine with a Merc. Suspend, then resume once inside.
    • The Icy Dig, an instanced version of Permafrost, for characters higher than level 45.
      • Self-mentoring does not affect which instance you need to use. For example, a level 90 self-mentored to 25 will still be required to go to The Icy Dig.
  4. Once the steps in the appropriate zone noted above have been completed, return to Pearl Honeywine (good characters) or Mareva D'Iniv (evil characters).

The Roekillik Excavation StepsEdit

  1. Enter the zone and look for the two towers close the zone entrance.
  2. Click on the rolled-up parchments at the top of each tower on the tables, keeping in mind the following:
    • At the top of each tower is a named NPC who can see invisible. Going all the way up the stairs will alert the NPC, who will attack you.
  3. Click on the third parchment, on the roof of a stone building west of the two towers by the zone entrance, keeping in mind the following:
    • There are three stone buildings: Two large, one small. The one with the parchment is one of the large buildings, and it's the one nearest the lake.
    • There is another named NPC, who can see invisible, on the roof next to the parchment.

The Mysterious Mine StepsEdit

  1. Immediately inside, the passage goes left and right.
  2. To your left leads to the mine shaft, with two groups of two roekillik miners^ and a roekillik mining foreman^^ in your way. Kill them to avoid having them being called in as reinforcements later.
  3. To the right a few steps is the roekillik forgemaster^^^. The forgemaster guards the first parchment. The forgemaster will call for help, which will bring in the first group in the tunnel to the left if you have not killed them.
  4. After clearing the two groups in the left tunnel, enter the mine elevator room. Immediately to your right, on the ground, is the second parchment.
  5. In the mine elevator room, there are three paths: a tunnel to the east, a tunnel to the north, and a passageway up the side of the elevator. Take the east path. It is guarded by another group of two roekillik miners^ and a foreman^^. Kill them.
  6. Near the end of the east tunnel, a room is guarded by two orcish elite guards^^^. In the room itself, on a long workbench, is the third parchment. The same room has one more group of two roekillik miners and foreman, but they can be avoided with care. (Note: Do NOT take the north tunnel OR the ramp up. The ramp up is guarded by several orcish elite guards^^^, while the north pass is guarded by a group of roekillik and an epicx2 greater rumbler.)

The Icy Dig StepsEdit

  • Travel to Everfrost and find the "Permafrost" instance at Loc (107, -4, -1143). Right-click the door and select to enter; then you will get the option to zone into The Icy Dig.
  • Purchase a Refined Explosive Charges from the shady ratonga merchant near the Icegill Lake Station Loc (207, -21, -1181). The merchant is down the ledge near the water. You will not be able to see The Icy Dig as an option if you don't have the refined explosive charge.
  • You can not take explosives gained from one instance into another. If you exit with explosives you got from the miners, you will not see the option to select the Icy Dig. Delete the explosives then you will be able to re-enter.

Before you begin keep in mind:

  • If all group members zone out of The Icy Dig, all progress inside will reset. It is better to die and revive in zone than to escape.
  • Icy Dig has an 1.5 hour lockout timer that is set after killing an Epic monster, and you will need to return to the zone for the two subsequent quests. Killing the regular Heroic monsters/named will not initiate the lockout timer.
  • Using Escape will zone you into Everfrost.
  • All group members must be on the quest or you will not get option for Icy Dig.
  • Entering is not possible if there is too much of a level difference between group members. However, it's now possible to enter The Icy Dig with a mercenary active.
  • Getting Ghagan's to start pathing can be a bit tricky. See Discussion for ways to ensure he paths.
  • It could take up to four charges to break down a wall. Make sure you purchase plenty of explosives before entering.
  1. As you zone in, a roekillik watcher will immediately call an alarm and run off down the tunnel. If he is killed quickly, only a few miners will respond but if the roekillik watcher is not killed quickly, the whole zone will aggro you. The roekillik miners can be a challenge, even when grey.
  2. Two named mobs normally stationed just past the gate across the chasm will run to the entrance and attack the group.
  3. Moving through the entrance tunnel and across the chasm triggers Silence and Stun effects at certain places.
    • You can turn off the stun effect from the Frostpaw Sentinels by pressing a button that looks like a chunk of crystal in the wall in the basement of the castle at ( 74, -28, -384 ) /waypoint 74, -28, -384.
  4. Blast a hole through the wall blocking off Vox's Chamber ( -1, 3, -271 ) /waypoint -1, 3, -271. (Stand as close as possible to the wall and "use" the Explosive Charge.) Once the wall comes down, there are two roekillik watchers who will summon more mobs to attack unless they are quickly killed.
  5. Head to The Horn Room, blasting another wall at ( 159, 3, -345 ) /waypoint 158.92, 3, -345.38 in the process. Nothing will attack you upon blasting open the wall. Read the scroll at ( 146, 3, -450 ) /waypoint 146, 3, -450 There are two named roekillik by the scroll, Adjutant Kleek and Commisioner Kuluka. Both are 53^^^ Heroic and will aggro unless they are greyed out. Adjutant Kleek is a healer, so it helps to take him out first.
  6. Next go to Alangria's Room ( -150, 3, -425 ) /waypoint -150, 3, -425, blasting another wall at ( -155, 3, -345 ) /waypoint -154.94, 3.24, -345.38. Nothing will aggro when the wall finally breaks. There are two named by the scroll, Adjutant Breek and Commisioner Twaynak (both 53^^^ Heroic), and they will attack unless greyed out. Read the scroll next to the nameds at ( -156, 3, -425 ) /waypoint -156, 3.14, -425. When the two nameds die Ghagan the Enforcer (Epic x4 Frost Giant) will shout some dialog but is currently bugged and will not begin to path See Discussion. It appears Ghagan is no longer bugged and will lose aggro when he kills you.
  7. Head to the final scroll at ( 155, 3, -300 ) /waypoint 155, 3, -300 and collect it. It is on the first floor, but in order to reach this scroll you must climb the stairs past where Ghagan resides when he isn't pathing. If Ghagan does not path it is not possible to sneak past him without aggroing It appears you can get Ghagan to start pathing by aggroing him. Take the first turn right you see and hug the right wall. There is a a roekillik watcher in the hall after you leave the ramp. Bypass all doors you pass and continue to hug the right side of the wall until you reach the scroll. There are several roekillik in the area surrounding the scroll, but it is possible to avoid them when jumping down if you are careful.

Rewards Edit

  • Experience Only