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The Item, Location, Quest, Mob or NPC referred to by this page has been removed from EverQuest II.
This article is being retained for historical reasons
Research Assistants have been replaced by a "Research" tab in the Knowledge Book

Research Assistants have moved into many cities in Norrath. These hardworking men and women will do the research to upgrade a spell or combat art from journeyman to adept or from expert to master. They will assist you by researching one spell at a time per character -- all characters on your account can now be researching different spells concurrently -- but will only help those adventurers level 20 or higher. Research Assistants can be found in each of the six neighborhoods and villages of Freeport and Qeynos, as well as in Neriak, Haven, Gorowyn, New Halas, and Kelethin. You can ask any guard in those areas to point you in the direction of a Research Assistant if you can’t find them.

Qeynos Edit

  • The Baubbleshire: Researcher Oatheaver -- upstairs behind The Ringing Hammer ( 862, -15, -514 ) /waypoint 862, -15, -514
  • Castleview Hamlet: Researcher Bubbler -- in The Repository alchemy shop ( 691, -15, -149 ) /waypoint 691, -15, -149
  • Greystone Yard: Researcher Oakfist -- outside Boomcast's Books alchemy shop ( 846, -21, -101 ) /waypoint 846, -21, -101
  • Nettleville: Researcher Tanglmayn -- in The Nettleville Quill alchemy shop ( 658, -20, 289 ) /waypoint 658, -20, 289
  • Starcrest Commune: Researcher Andor Quist -- in The Perfunctory Philosopher alchemy shop ( 806, -20, 298 ) /waypoint 806, -20, 298
  • The Willow Wood: Researcher Sandsea -- in Brooklily Books alchemy shop ( 821, -20, -612 ) /waypoint 821, -20, -612

Freeport Edit

Neriak: Edit

Haven: Edit

Gorowyn: Edit

Kelethin: Edit

New Halas: Edit

  • Researcher Yurgo Goldspell -- Next to the Chronomages ( -119, 147, -42 ) /waypoint -119, 147, -42

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