Refining is a skill set only available to those who craft. It is one of the skills that can be chosen as an "end-line" ability from the Tradeskill Alternate Advancement tree.

What can be RefinedEdit

  • Refined materials will all have "purified" in their names after the process is complete.
  • For example Bubinga lumber can be made into purified bubinga lumber and used in gear that requires bubinga as the primary component.

Why RefineEdit

  • Refined materials add extra bonuses to gear (10%) like weapons, jewelry, armor and so on. For some players even a small extra boost can make a big difference in their success in combat.
  • The refined materials do not offer any bonuses to items crafted for use in player housing. For example, you can use a purified material to craft a furniture item, but it will not add anything to the Rent Status Reduction

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