Icon crystal purple light (Treasured)

Refined astral material

Resource Information
Tier 10
Obtain: From the Ornate Chest of The Enraged Imp in Throne of Fear (Heroic).
From the Ornate Chest of Murmaz the Believer in Chelsith: The Ancient Vault (Heroic).
From the Ornate Chest of A Planar Manifestation in Throne of Fear (Heroic).
From the Ornate Chest of Pharinich in Throne of Fear (Heroic).
From the Ornate Chest of Venekor in Temple of the Faceless: Imprisonment (Advanced Solo).
In-Game Link:\aITEM -35690286 -664205472:refined astral material\/a \aITEM -35690286 -664205472:refined astral material\/a

See also: C:Resources for lists of all Resources

"This nebulous material might be of use to a tradesman." Used in crafting recipes for green adornments (refined).

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