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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The City of Qeynos  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level, requires level 40+ (Tier 0)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Qeynos Province District more
How to Start Speak to Tairiel Oakshade in the Elddar Grove ( 658, -10, -391 ) /waypoint 658, -10, -391
part of: The City of Qeynos Timeline
Preceded by:
Following the Footsteps
Followed by:
Lending Your Skills
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  1. In Qeynos Harbor, travel to the gate leading to Graystone Yard and zone in. ( 864, -25, -89 ) /waypoint 864, -25, -89
  2. Stealthily track a A Supply Thief, using invisibility as you follow him back to his stash of loot.
  3. Hail the thief, then defeat him.
  4. Collect the stolen goods by clicking the three treasure chests in the area behind where you battled the thief.
  5. Return to Qeynos Harbor and return the supplies to the dock workers who are easily spotted in the Shipyards.
  6. Return to Master Rysian Gladewalker.


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