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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Loping Plains  (AA)
Journal Level 67 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Loping Plains more
How to Start Talk to Philip Glaslow at ( -409, 9, -74 ) /waypoint -409, 9, -74 in the Village of Somborn, Loping Plains
part of: Loping Plains Timeline
Preceded by:
Echoes of the Sareth'Tal
Followed by:
A Necessary Component (LP)
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  1. Find and retrieve Phillip's experiment. To do this, go to ( -206, 32, 57 ) /waypoint -206, 32, 57 and harvest the carcass.
    Warning: when you harvest the "experiment" you will be swarmed by 7-10 heroic little spiderlings (approximately lvl 66 vv) if you have not harvested some Creeping Fortune (found near ( -635, 14, 236 ) /waypoint -635, 14, 236). You only need to harvest one and it will put a buff on you that lasts 15 minutes. Quick travel, take the Nightmare mount to the Steamfont Mountain Station
    Creeping Fortune

    Creeping Fortune

  2. Return to Philip Glaslow for your reward.


  • At least 13g 79s 50c