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For a categorical listing of known trophies, see Category:Trophy (Item Subtype).

Since the release of LU51, trophies drop from several slain Epic x2 or x4 named that can be placed in guild halls and appears as a replica representation of the monster itself. To create a trophy, loot a crate (body drop) from the named that is killed and purchase or craft a guild hall trophy pedestal.

  • NOTE: Many newer raid mobs will drop the trophy instead of a crate, and the pedestal is not needed.

The following named monsters drop trophies:

Release Named Zone Screenshot
Shattered Lands Darathar Darathar's Flight Trophy Darathars Head (visible)
Vision of Vox Permafrost Trophy Voxs Head (visible)
The Spirit of Vox The Crypt of Vox
The Headless Horseman Nektulos Forest Trophy The Headless Horseman (visible)
Desert of Flames The Djinn Master The Djinn Master's Prism Trophy Djinn Master's Head (visible)
Godking Anuk The Fountain of Life Trophy Godking Anuks Head (visible)
Kingdom of Sky Lord Vyemm The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm Trophy Vyemms head (visible)
Tarinax the Destroyer Deathtoll Trophy Tarinax's Head (Visible)
Venekor the Elder Halls of the Seeing Trophy Venekor's Head (Visible)
Fallen Dynasty Chel'Drak the Ancient Lord Antechamber of Fate Trophy ChelDraks Head (visible)
Echoes of Faydwer Wuoshi The Emerald Halls Trophy Wuoshi's Head (visible)
Mayong Mistmoore Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum Trophy Mayongs Coffin (visible)
Mayong Mistmoore Castle Mistmoore
Mayong Mistmoore Throne of New Tunaria
Clockwork Menace Clockwork Menace Factory Trophy Clockwork Menaces Head (visible)
Rise of Kunark Venril Sathir Venril Sathir's Lair Trophy Venril Sathir's Head (Visible)
Trakanon Trakanon's Lair Trophy Trakanons Head (visible)
The Leviathan The Chamber of Destiny Trophy Leviathan Tentacle (Visible)
The Shadow Odyssey Gynok Moltor Tomb of the Mad Crusader Trophy Gynok Moltors Head (visible)
Zarrakon Zarrakon's Abyssal Chamber Trophy Zarrakons Head (visible)
Aiden Ward of Elements Trophy Aidens Head (visible)
Munzok the Corruptor Munzok's Material Bastion Trophy Munzok's Head (visible)
Ykesha Ykesha's Inner Stronghold Trophy Ykesha's Head (visible)
Sentinel's Fate Roehn Theer The Palace of Roehn Theer Trophy Enoxus (visible)
Toxxulia Lair of the Dragon Queen Trophy Effigy of Toxxulia (visible)
Vuulan Lair of the Dragon Queen Trophy Vuulan's Head (visible)
Perah'Celsis Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory Trophy Head of Perah'Celsis (visible)
Waansu Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory Trophy Waansu's Head (visible)
Destiny of Velious Kraytoc Killingfrost Kraytoc's Fortress of Rime
King Tormax Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends
Statue of Rallos Zek Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone
The War of Zek (GU61) Sullon Zek Sullon's Spire
Tallon Zek Tallon's Stronghold
Vallon Zek Vallon's Tower
Skyshrine Dozekar the Cursed Skyshrine: The Underdepths
Sevalak of Storms Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
Vyskudra the Ancient Dracur Prime: Vyskudra the Ancient
Chains of Eternity Baroddas (Epic) Alter of Abhorrence
Drinal (Heroic)

Drinal (Epic)

Harrow's End
Overlord Talan (Epic) Siren's Grotto: Dissension
Psyllon'Ris Siren's Grotto: Dissension
Tears of Veeshan The Crumbling Emperor Temple of Veeshan

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