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Qeynos Catacombs Timeline
Recommended Levels 5 to 30
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Down Below
Preceded by: Qeynos Timeline
Followed by: Antonica Timeline

The Down BelowEdit

Fippy Darkpaw series

  1. An Intriguing Eye (13) examine a pile of books
  2. The Stout Merchant Manifest (14) given by Fippy Darkpaw the 4th
  3. Evidence for Constable Arathur (10) examine the stout merchant's manifest obtained in the previous quest

Falin Shaloon

  1. Goods Down Below (14)

Adair Barnes

  1. Working the Down Below (15)

Examine a crumpled scroll, dropped from random mobs

Other questsEdit

Vermin's SnyeEdit

Zaen Kalystir

  1. Ruins of Varsoon: Investigation of the Mausoleum (20)
  2. Ruins of Varsoon: Revealing the Entrance (20)

Continue with Arven Oshus in the Thundering Steppes. This is the access quest for The Ruins of Varsoon.

Gillin Blackfist

  1. In Search of the Sepulcher of Jahnda (20) access quest for The Sepulcher of Jahnda

Brother Garvis

  1. Serving the Prime Healer (15)

Quests from examining locationsEdit

Quests from examining dropped itemsEdit

Removed questsEdit

The Crypt of BetrayalEdit

Cryptkeeper Maglus

  1. Forgotten Potion (20)
  2. Forgotten Potion - Into the Hive (20)

This is the access quest for The Deathly Scarab Hive.

Torg Bramblehair

  1. Little Lost Minotaur (20)

Vegalys Keldrane

  1. Vegalys Keldrane's Betrayal (20)

Quests from examining locationsEdit

Quests from examining dropped itemsEdit

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