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The Mega-category is Category:Quests_by_Zone

Under that, there are categories for the quests of each zone. (Not all zones are in yet obviously)

When you create a new NPCzoneCategory please use the naming convantion ZONE_NAME Quest. This will insure that zones are sorted alphabeticly instead of all being lumped under N.

Sample Categories are:

Category:Commonlands Quests

Category:Pillars of Flame Quests

Please remember to add your category tags at the very end of your articles for ease of future editing

Thanks --Tearan 09:29, 25 May 2006 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

P.S. remember to add all your new categories to the Category:Quests by Zone by putting
[[Category:Quests by Zone]]
in the body of the new category. (take off the extra bracket though)

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