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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Silent City  (AA)
Journal Level 58 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Silent City more
How to Start Speak to Explorer Punja ( 415, 27, 534 ) /waypoint 415, 27, 534 Eq2map by a wall of ice in The Halls of Learning
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Steps Edit

  1. Kill The Enigma of Ice ( 544, 6, 384 ) /waypoint 544, 6, 384 Eq2map (Level 58^^^ Heroic book mob containing 5 other level 58 Heroics).
  2. Right click on a wall of fire ( 437, 6, 403 ) /waypoint 437, 6, 403 Eq2map and speak incantation of ice.
  3. Climb up the wall of fire and kill The Enigma of Fire ( 407, 58, 338 ) /waypoint 407, 58, 338 Eq2map (Level 58^^^ Heroic book mob containing 5 other level 58 Heroics).
    • Placeholder - Group of five of a mix of any of the following: a Faro' Nuk legionnaire, an Anuk' Sul visionary, a Sulite devotee, and a tome of medicine, a tome of wizardry, a tome of evasion, a tome of combat arts, and a tome of coercion. Ten minute respawn, takes several to spawn the named.
  4. Right click on a wall of ice near Explorer Punja ( 449, 13, 533 ) /waypoint 449, 13, 533 Eq2map and speak incantation of fire
  5. Speak to Explorer Punja again

*Note: As of 09/10/2016 I spent 6 hours trying to spawn The Enigma of Fire to no avail. Not sure if it's broke, or just my dumb luck! Halls of Fate Server.

Note: As of 3/07/17, Enigma of Fire on both sides after 3 rounds of placeholders.

Rewards Edit

  • At least 9g 13s 1c
  • Ability to climb the wall of ice and access Temple Court