Pull refers to a mechanism of crowd and Aggro (or "hate") control. When pulling a monster,

  1. You first want to draw the attention of one (and only one) encounter to yourself.
    • Encounter may consist of a single mob or a linked group.
  2. After this, you try to quickly draw him away from other aggressive monsters nearby to a safe spot.
    • Safe spot is somewhere where there aren't other aggressive monsters nearby and where no aggressive roamers will come to.

This way, you or your group will only need to handle one encounter at a time. Any pull may fail, which means it will draw more attention than was intended, sometimes leading to a wipe.

Often, only a specific pull will work for a specific room or encounter. There are several types of pulls:

  1. A body pull, often the most safe bet, where you slowly advance to a specific encounter, possibly jumping up and down to draw the monsters' attention, and then quickly retreat once the encounter spots you.
    • This pull is typically performed by the Main Tank, who draws the encounter near to but not too near to casters and healers, and right next to melee attackers.
    • If you have a pet, make sure the pet is not protecting either you or itself. Otherwise, the pet will stay where the aggro is, quickly drawing attention to itself from other encounters nearby.
  2. A pet pull, where you send your pet to attack the encounter, and then quickly call him back to yourself.
    • The Call Servant ability is handy for quickly drawing the pet back; the /pet backoff command is a must. If your pet is a tank pet, you can send the pet back again when the encounter arrives nearby.
  3. A bow pull, often performed by the Main Tank, who will shoot the encounter from a distance to draw its attention. You can also perform an analogous pull with any other ranged attack.

A room pull refers to an either intended or unintentional pulling of an entire room. If the main tank can take lots of hits and the group has lots of area of effect spells or damaging abilities, this may be a handy way to kill monsters more quickly.

A zone pull refers to trying to pull as much of the zone (typically instanced zone) as possible somewhere. It is analogous to room pulls, with only the amount of simultaneous encounters being larger.

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