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EverQuest II Achievement Information
Pubs N' Suds
Category: Live Events

Subcategory: Brewday

Brew bold beverages! Concoct lively libations! And whip up some tasty pub food to help wash it all down.

Brew up a Bottle of Maj'Dul Merlot
Brew up a Bottle of Temple Street Tonic
Brew a whole Case of Aged Port
Brew up a Brewer's Sampling Jug
Cook up a Plate of Corned Beef and Veggies

Brew up a Bottle of Sovereign Blanc
Brew some ale in a Pressurized Pint Mug
Brew up a Stone Ale Jug
Cook up a Plate of Bangers and Mush
Cook up a Brewday Meat Pie

Bubbling Kegs Cordon


  • All of the drinks (cases, bottles, etc) are crafted using a Work Bench.
  • All of the food related items are crafted using a Stove & Keg.

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