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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access  (AA)
Journal Level 34 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone LMS Intruder more
How to Start After boarding LMS Intruder, speak to Slaughtergrott the Vigilant, (Completing the Previous Quest is Required, Ring Any Mariner's Bell to Board The ship)
Preceded by:
In Search of the Feerrott (Evil)
Followed by:

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  1. Keep the mobs away from the priest by slaying waves of aggro and non-aggro undying Rallosian soldiers, and non-aggro undying Rallosian priests and undying Rallosian magis
  2. Eventually the non-aggro a Rallosian captain will spawn. Kill him to complete the quest.
  3. To exit the boat in the Feerrott, you must wait until Slaughtergrott the Vigilant is finished casting. Continue to kill the spawning soldiers until she is done, then speak with her to leave.



  1. if you have out leveled this quest see The Timeless Chronomage and pick 40 or so.
  2. there is a time limit , and since trying to just get the quest off my logs.... @ 60 IT might be wise to bring a friend just to speed things up .
  3. If the mobs Attack Slaughtergrott the Vigilant Kill her or just Harass her too much , or you do not Kill them Fast Enough you Will Be Ejected From the Ship And be forced to Ring the Bell And try again.
  1. Speaking to Slaughtergrott the Vigilant in the The Thundering Steppes Dead River Docks: in the Previous quest now makes this appear on the Mariner's Bells . Any Seems to work.