Easy Mode

Just like in the solo instance you get a message that he's going into hard mode when he gets about 20% down. Your pointer becomes a hand when you mouse over him and by clicking him you can prevent the transition. He's a pushover.

Hard Mode (his name becomes the Mrelg the All-Tender or something)

Similar to other hard mode heroic bosses in Chains of Eternity when he switches to HM a few things happen:

1) He's immune to damage during the transition, this usually lasts 15 to 20 seconds.

2) He is healed to full.

3) He wipes off debuffs.

4) His critical avoidance jumps to 300%.

5) Snakes continuously spawn throughout the fight

As soon as the snakes spawn they will stun everyone in the group, there is no getting around that fact. The snakes continue to add while you fight him and they have too much health to burn down as they spawn, however having AoE DPS with you helps to kill them over time. The snakes do a trauma DOT that if not cured in four seconds will do massive physical damage - it must be cured and it happens constantly.

Additionally it is recommended that you interrupt as many of his casts as possible, specifically All Crush. He also casts something called Raining Blows, this apparently causes all living snakes to instantly strike everyone and is usually fatal to the group. I think Raining Blows is a fail condition because you can not interrupt it and it is usually fatal to the entire group, ignoring any and all stone skins, turtles and the like.

Mrelg has devastating frontal AE auto, keep them away from your squishies.

While I have been in solo healer groups who have killed him, I would recommend this to be a two healer fight. Also expect each healer to perform at least 200 cures before he finally goes down.

I think most agree this is the hardest heroic mob in Chains of Eternity. If your crew can drop him they can drop any heroic.

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