Basically, pricing on the Everquest II market works according to a few common sense market rules:

  1. If you want to sell an item quick, sell it cheaper than others do. You can choose an item you are willing to sell from your Sales Display list and click "Search Broker" to see what others (if any) are asking for it.
  2. Don't sell anything below the merchant prices (unless you want to use something as a "bait" for people to come in your house).
  3. Price fluctuates with supply and demand. You may want to recheck your sales display from time to time to see if the price for your item has changed.
  4. Naturally, there is incomplete information both on the supply and the demand side. This means that
    1. people will sometimes buy items for more than their worth (i.e., an item better suited for them was available for a lower price, either in gold or in other resources). If you're not short on sales space and money, you can always try overpricing the item and see if anyone sells it.
    2. people will sometimes sell items at prices they're never going to make a sale - meaning that you can't always trust the price other people sell an item for to be a reasonable item. High price does not guarantee high quality or usability.
    3. there may be no-one else selling the item, which means no advisory price is available. This may or may not indicate huge demand for your item, depending on the item. Usually, it's a good idea to start selling the item at a high price and see if it makes a sale. You may also check for other items of a similar type (usable by the same classes and levels on the same slot, for example) to gain hints for pricing.

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