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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Mission  (AA)
Journal Level 106 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Fabled Court of Innovation (Advanced Solo) more
How to Start Moving one of the levers (see notes below) starts the mission.

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Notes Edit

After clearing the trash mobs around the room, climb up the ramps to the top floor of the building overlooking the four power cells. You come across four large levers on the balcony, in the starting position [UP-UP-UP-UP]. Stand as close to the edge of the balcony as you can, as that means at least three of the power cells should be in damage range from the balcony, whilst still being in range of the levers.

When you are ready to start the timed event, you can start moving the levers. The timer starts the moment any lever is moved.

To begin with, none of the power cells are targetable. However, with the levers in certain combinations, each individual power cell becomes targetable, and at that point, that specific power cell cen be destroyed. The order in which the power cells are destroyed is not important, and the order presented above is just one option. However, it is suggested that Power Cell A is left until last, because that one is usually out of damage range from the balcony. Once all four power cells have been destroyed, the Crimson Vanquisher spawns and enters the room.

Note that as each power cell is destroyed, some new mobs spawn and enter the room. Some of them are flying mobs and will attack you as you are stood at the levers. It may be possible to ignore them and keep going regardless, but most characters will need to kill these when they aggro, before continuing to operate levers and destroy power cells.


  1. Destroy the four power cells (you have 3 minutes).
    • Optional way 1
      1. Move the levers into the pattern [UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN].
      2. Destroy Power Cell D (right, nearside).
      3. Move the levers into the pattern [UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN].
      4. Destroy Power Cell C (right, farside).
      5. Move the levers into the pattern [DOWN-UP-DOWN-UP].
      6. Destroy Power Cell B (left, nearside).
      7. Move the levers into the pattern [DOWN-DOWN-UP-UP].
      8. Jump off the balcony and position next to Power Cell A.
      9. Destroy Power Cell A (left, farside).
    • Optional way 2
      1. Move the levers into the pattern [UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN].
      2. Move the levers into the pattern [UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN].
      3. Move the levers into the pattern [DOWN-UP-DOWN-UP].
      4. Move the levers into the pattern [DOWN-DOWN-UP-UP].
      5. Jump down and start to hit all 4 Power cells, try to damage them all equaly and kill them nearly at the same time.
        • Note: if you have trouble killing all adds and the named at the same time, take "cover" behind the small tower and pull them out one by one, or just go for the named
  2. Kill the Crimson Vanquisher (the timer restarts, you have 3 minutes).