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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Icon orange three blades
Wheel Gold Symbol
An augmentation cast on the fury's ally that greatly increases the ally's resistances and causes all attackers of that ally instant divine damage. It costs power over time to maintain the spell but the spell can be toggled off early if desired. This spell can expire early if the porcupine effect triggers 50 times.

Target Raid
Power 172 to cast
137 every 2.0 seconds
Casting 1.0 second
Recast 2 minutes 30 seconds
Duration 36.0 seconds
Effect Radius 50.0 meters
Range Up to 35.0 meters
Max AOE Targets 24
Level 50



  • When any damage is received this spell will cast Porcupine Quills on target's attacker, which can be triggered up to 50 times across all target.
    • Inflicts (X) divine damage on target
  • Increases Mitigation of raid and group members (AE) vs all damage by (Y)
Porcupine Spell Line

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster Ancient
(X) divine damage 97 118 129 150 172
Increase mitigation by (Y) 900 1100 1200 1400 1600

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell. Effect values for this spell are modified by the player's Intelligence.

Notes Edit

  • The divine damage is modified by the Fury's Wisdom, but not the increased mitigation value.